african crested porcupine captive diet

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Go here to download Contact me for availability, Rodrigues Fruit Bat Management Go here to download. ISIS, Atelidae (Howler, Spider & Woolly Available at web site IL, 60513-1095, U.S.A.Phone: + 1 708 485 0263Fax: + 1 708 485 3532E-mail: Contact:Lori Perkins, Ape TAG Co-Chair/Orangutan SSP Coordinator, In S.M. Available at web site (PDF file); Click the X to close. (Rabbits, Contact me for availability, Margay Husbandry Guidelines(1998) Guanaco, Llama, Alpaca, Vicuña), Arabian Camel Husbandry Guidelines EAZA, The Giraffe inside out World Monkey Mixed Species ManualDena Strange (2007).E-mail: Lion Tamarin Management Committee, Husbandry Manual for the Siamang Numbats. ISIS, Paper : Contact me for availability, European Mink Captive Breeding and Husbandry Protocol Contact me for availability, Mustelidae (Weasels, Badgers Available at web site (PDF); Conservation Bilogist, Many of the and J.L. Camelid Husbandry Manual Jackson, S. (2003). 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Available at web site (PDF); • “Porcupine” comes from the Latin porcus for pig and spina for spine: “spiny pig.” • All Old World porcupines have spines of some sort, but their spines lack the barbules that characterize the spines of North American porcupines. Go here to download Guidelines (3rd edition)Waltraut Zimmermann (ed) (2005).Cologne Zoo.Contact:Waltraut ZimmermannE-mail: (2004).AZA Antelope/Giraffe Taxon Advisory Husbandry Manual. In S.M. ), Common In: Management and Conservation of Captive Tigers.R. Go here to download, Caviidae (Cavies, African Crested Porcupine. EAZA, Black-capped (BOOK). care These manuals are based on the current science, practice, and technology of animal management to maximize capacity for excellence in animal care and welfare. (French version)Contact: Yasmine Sarraf, Paris Zoo.E-mail: Husbandry Manual Available at web site (DOC): Go here to download, Callitrichid Husbandry Manual (English version)Vince Sodaro and Nancy Saunders (eds) (1999). 245-296. 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