alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats

Breaking into the hen house is not beneath their dignity. We can’t get organic feed where I live either, so I feed the non-organic alfalfa. You can’t slow down a goat that eats too fast, but you can make the situation less dangerous for them by mixing in non-grain feeds, such as the crumbs that fall off the bales of alfalfa. Do you give wethers and bucks alfalfa pellets. Plus, it gets more water in their diet, which is good for a milking goat. If you are concerned about GMOs, you should know that beet pulp is all GMO, and it’s really just empty calories. I want to feed Alfalfa or Timothy pellets to my 3 month old pygmy buck, but he keeps bloating ! Feeding hay pellets, especially to senior horses with few teeth, is a viable option, especially if they are soaked in water first. I use Standlee Alfalfa Pellets, but they don’t have the organic here. They are almost the same way about alfalfa hay. They can eat as much as they want. Goats should have grass hay available all the time. Bucks included. Here is more info on Goats in Winter: I’d love to give myself a little more leeway on the milkstand by adding pellets during milking time – I am still not very fast! Milking does can have all the alfalfa they want. It’s a wooden shed with shavings in it. Fibre is fermented relatively slowly with highly lignified or ‘woody’ feeds such as … They are totally reliant on the bacteria in their rumen for proper digestion to take place., Thank you so very much for responding back. I don’t want to go through that again. I feed the timothy pellets to my bucks because they don’t need all the calcium that’s in alfalfa. Alfalfa dehy is produced from standing alfalfa, which is mowed and chopped in the field, delivered to the dehydrating plant still containing a minimum of 60 percent … You are blessed with the tiny(to me) goats you can pick up and handle! How much alfalfa pellets do you feed to your does? I’ve seen the cubes in Tractor Supply and wondered if they could also be used. Also when the wind blows. They are almost the same way about alfalfa hay. This may be a stupid question but I am new to goats. We also keep a generic salt lick handy and offer baking soda sometimes. I’m trying to go complete grain free with all my livestock. McKenzie Eidem 36,044 views. There’s a mountain lion that’s killing a couple sheep in the neighborhood and I’m trying to get them to come to the front pasture because it well lit. They keep the weight on great throuh rut seaon and stay trim and active in summer months! I only feed organic to all of my animals. Be careful not to feed too much so they don't bloat. Nothing is ever engraved in stone, but most normal, healthy goats have done the majority of their really fast growing by the time they are six months old so they don’t need the extra protein in a grower feed or the calcium in alfalfa. He loves it and I know he’s getting a fibre, water and protein boost x. Congratulations, Rose, on having such an old goat! What can I do at this point to supplement the zinc? So all of my goats have been on alfalfa/Bermuda grass hay (compressed bales from TSC), alfalfa pellets and browse since I got them. just be careful with high calcium food for bucks of any age I lost 2 bucks to urinary stones. Is this new product (organic goat pellets) available already and fo you know whete it can be purchased? If they start losing hair in random spots or foaming at the mouth, I’d suspect zinc deficiency. There was an error submitting your subscription. Or how many lbs per doe a day?Right now I go through 4 bales a month(& there is some waste). I just got two doelings, about 5 months old, and they were a bit skittish when we first got them. I was under the impression that medicated goat feed was good for them as long as you hay & minerals for them? Hi, His pizzle was sniped off because of the size of his stone. I don’t -think- any of my goats are overweight. People just use it to put weight on goats, which should not be the only goal. They waste this hay which isn't much better than straw and I'm running out of the good stuff FAST. And overweight does are harder to get pregnant. They work well for me since i cant get goid quality alfalfa hay. I think I will try the non-organic pellets also. Lumnah Acres … I also give a few raisins/molasses cookies last month for energy, as a threat. what ratio of alfalfa to grain do you use? I was trying to keep her away from the boys but she excaped her pen and broke into this so she is once again going to kid. Alfalfa pellets are an excellent way of providing fibre in a concentrated form; No added sugar and low in starch; Alfalfa Pellets are rich in calcium and other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals Free choice? If you … Mar 21, 2019 - Even though I have written about feeding alfalfa pellets to goats, I still get a lot of questions about exactly how pellets are different than cubes or hay and how they should be used as part of a goat’s diet, as well as other livestock. Will this work for the babies? I don’t feed goats, but I raise a lot of cattle. Besides our horses we use them with our pigs and chickens. Yep, I replaced two battered flat by two opposing (Kiko/Genemaster) males, and I don’t like electric wires, and the tires saved the day. They’re very skittish but getting alot better about letting me near them. Haystack Naturals Alfalfa Pellets are made from Sun Cured Central Oregon Alfalfa and bound together with a steam process to … My dairy goats are not huge fans of pellets and it maybe due to the larger sized pellets so I would be interested to try these and see if they like them better. We will probably not go back to hay. Wondering how much my cost would go up. Horses and pigs have a single stomach, so none of the above info applies to them. The alfalfa cubes that I’ve seen are way too big for goats. And my doe’s are milking machines. You could mix in a little grain to get them more interested. My sales contract says I have first right to retrieve my animals. Since you are soaking it though, I wouldn’t mix up more than she can eat in a few hours because you don’t want it to start to grow mold (if you are in a warm climate) or freeze (if you are in a cold climate). Do you think set up is okay for them? I only have 3 goats, so that is obviously not feasible. 🙂. The wife had to move elsewhere for health reasons. Alfalfa Pellets by Gary Pfalzbot About the Author. Remember that in the beginning, you might need to mix it with grain to get them to eat it. I assume you are talking about a gelded horse, and alfalfa cubes are not a problem for them. If your animals are on pasture all day long, and you are just giving them something to munch on in the barn, then yes, you can give them pellets instead of hay because they’ve just spent all day eating things that required a lot of chewing. The cubes are great for horses and cows. If they are more than about 6 to 9 months old, they really don’t need that much calcium. We won't send you spam. They’ll do most anything for them. If the reason is dried out brown hay, then improve the hay. He gets 1 cup twice a day — nothing else. If it killed all of the bacteria, the goats would die. Colleen, The pellets are actually quite hard and would be impossible to eat without teeth — unless you soak them in water first. Any ideas would be most appreciated. The cubes are too big for goats. Alfalfa hay, pellets, blocks and silage are all very high in natural calcium content. Was that partially due to feeding the medicated goat feed? 9,442 1 0. You’d be fine letting them have as much pellets as they want as long they’re getting some regular hay or pasture or browse. Contains pure alfalfa and are a high-fibre source for horses, ponies and other animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats and camelids. In fact, adding some of this hay into your pet’s diet might be a good idea, provided that you also supply it with another kind of hay as well, that is is less rich in proteins. Good quality alfalfa hay is one of the most palatable and digestible forage sources that can be offered to any class of horse. I’m going to have to look for the organic!! My goats love chaffhaye but in the summer it seems to go bad before we can get through a bag. When I sell a couple of wethers or bucks, I tell the buyers that they can buy a 50# bag of grain and when it’s gone, they don’t need to buy more. Thank you so much! yet. I have seem no health issues so far and I have been providing Timothy hay everyday with their pellets. How much should I feed my goats? Pregnant does are fine eating peanut hay because they NEED the calcium in the hay to grow babies. Do you feed it with other grains? I have 3 pygmys as pets. I can’t imagine that he is actually getting bloat. If your local store doesn’t keep them in stock, ask if they’ll order them for you. Nutritionally alfalfa is the same regardless of whether it is pellets, cubes, or hay, but goats really need the long stem forage, such as hay, to keep their rumen working. If we continue to offer, do you think they will come around? I read in one your comments that you tell your customers to buy one 50lb bag of grain and when it is gone to not buy anymore. All grains are simply seeds. If you … Apr 11, 2019 - Even though I have written about feeding alfalfa pellets to goats, I still get a lot of questions about exactly how pellets are different than cubes or hay and how they should be used as part of a goat’s diet, as well as other livestock. I have given flakes of alfalfa and Chaffhaye since day one with my goats, but have heard mixed reviews on the alfalfa pellets. Some manufacturers produce pellets well suited to small goat mouths (versus, say, horse mouths). They also get pasture and browse and grain. I said your statement that bucks (and horses) should not have alfalfa is incorrect. Loose rather than block? Looking forward to offering this pellet to our American Guinea hogs. Do you think the sheep would benefit from these. I pay $12.50 a #50 bag for alfalfa pellets… I can get this from the feed store and if so should I just mix it with their goat pellets and how much do they get. The main difference between the two is the horse’s chew time when eating them. They are not producing sperm or babies or milk, so they don’t need anything more than a good grass hay, pasture, and free choice minerals. I purchase alfalfa pellets at I.FA for approx $8 per 50 lb bag which is $320/ton. My doe eats way too fast and tries to have me stop milking until she gets more….. New to Goat ownership this summer- love reading all the comments! (I know any animal can have that happen but ). I’m so bummed about this. I hand feed them alfalfa pellets, to help them become more friendly, and they also get about a half a flake of first cut hay every day. It should be possible! 09.11.2017 by thriftyhomesteader // 145 Comments. Alfalfa pellets are commonly available, as are timothy pellets, orchard grass pellets, etc. I have been using Standlee Alfalfa pellets with my goats for about 3 years now, great to see them adding an Organic option! Feed Standlee Premium Western Forage Organic Alfalfa Pellets according to the following guide: Breeding Does: 2.5% – 3% of body weight feeding my bucks nothing but alfalfa their whole lives. One of my goats finishes her grain really fast and gets antsy that I am not finished milking. I’ve read some places that there’s no nutrition in dry grass. Your email address will not be published. Any advise I would appreciate and if I’m doing something wrong I would love to know so I can do it different. But that won’t last long and I will be heading to TSC again! Alfalfa is great for pregnant goats. This sounds like just what I need. So much info in the caring for senior goats article. It would def help me to stretch out my hay as much as possible sometimes. I have 3 acres and the grass is waste high but starting to turn brown. I love the alfalfa pellets mixed in with the grain. I also found that IBC containers make a quick shelter for goats, and old used car tires on my metal gates saved the day f rom a 275 to 300lb, male goat battering down a bull gate. I currently feed free choice bermuda hay, alfalfa in the morning, and grain each morning and evening. We had a “piggy” goat, that my 7 yr old daughter milked. The organic is new. I currently use the regular alfalfa pellets from them but a few of my goats don’t like the large size, so these might work really well! The post does NOT say that alfalfa causes urinary calculi in bucks. If you want to get really thrifty, soak the pellets. I’ve used another brand of organic alfalfa pellets (the only one I could find in 50-lb bags) for my rabbits when our feed delivery was late and think it’s an awesome idea to mix into goat and hog feeds! At least not alfalfa hay. 🙂. You pay the same price when you purchase through affiliate links as you would if you went directly to Amazon, and our site earns a small commission, so by shopping through our links, you are helping to support our blog so that we can continue to provide you with free content. It has a lot of calcium in it, which could lead to zinc deficiency because calcium is a zinc antagonist. I top him up on ready grass and soaked alfalfa pellets. These were NOT the healthy goats I sold. Wethers do not need grain or alfalfa. Interesting read I will have to check them out. I would have estimated at least two bales per week (8 per month) for three ND does, but maybe your hay bales are extra heavy or your goats get a lot of pasture and browse. My goats think they are getting a real treat, and they are. Just as we mix the pellets into the grain for the goats, we also mix it with the pigs’ grain. I’m just wondering if they cause choke at all? Alfalfa hay, lots of forage, pellets for a treat. ), Dr. Gray and SmartPaker Sarah talk about the nutritional differences between grass hay and alfalfa hay, as well as the special circumstances in which one is better for a horse than the other. Thanks for this post! I have raised both dairy and meat goats for over 10 years. I want to know what to do with all the crumbs. I mentioned UC because it is a common wives take that alfalfa causes it. If she is not chewing much, she won’t be producing much bicarbonate, so might need a little baking soda to keep her rumen working well. Good to know. Goats are a ruminant meaning that they have four compartments that make up their ‘stomach’ – the reticulum, rumen, omasum and abomasum. USDA Rural Information Center. I'm able to free choice alfalfa … The main difference between the two is the horse’s chew time when eating them. This is my first year with goats and just had my first birthing- a buckling and a Doeling. Which will kill the intestinal probiotics in your animals? The outside will fade to brown over a few months, but when you open the bale, it should be mostly green. If, for any reason, we need to close them up early, we ring the bell and the herd comes running. Grain can also cause urinary calculi (stones), and they don’t need it. But the nutritional content of hay pellets, cubes, and baled hay are all exactly the same. Alfalfa is high in calcium while grain and grass hay are high in phosphorus. Milkers need as much alfalfa as possible. Since its alfalfa hay that is needed for the goats, could I use alfalfa cubes (horse kind) for the goats in lieu of hay? Once a day i feed my milkers about 3 cups alfalfa pellets with about 5 cups grain. Hi Glen Rose, I noticed you mentioned medicated pellets for feeding goats as though it’s not good to feed it to them? It is also really important that if someone has a goat that is not thriving on an appropriate diet that they try to figure out why. I have a wether a buck and a nanny. They were fat and lethargic, and hardly moved around at all. I too am new at this. Is it ok that I feed them alfalfa pellets and 17% kid grower half and half every morning? Most horse owners know the benefits of feeding alfalfa hay, but with limited room, pellets and cubes are great options. I can try alfalfa cubes, after all, alfalfa is a good feed for ruminants. Absolutely make certain they have roughage , in the form of hay or browse. Mine love fruit and veggies as well as leaves, weeds and hay. If not, you can mix it into chickens feed or sprinkle on your garden around your tomato plants. Some people only have baking soda available for their bucks (not does) because they don’t feed grain to the bucks. Here is more on that topic —, Oops my website is and my email is How much would I give them? My does get 1 cup of grain on the milking stanchion morning and night. I think she has lost her back. The kids don’t really need grain after about six months, although if you’re in a really cold part of the world, you could wait until it warms up before you stop giving it to them. I think he had worms this late winter but I was slow in figuring it out. In 15 years of feeding burmuda grass hay and alfalfa pellets alone to my bucks and wethers, I never had a case of stones. If you are planning to breed them — and they should be about 2/3 of their adult weight when you breed them — you can probably continue to feed them some alfalfa hay or pellets now through the time that they are pregnant and are milking. We are new to raising goats. Stomach issues and bladder stones are two different issues. Male goats and dry does (not in milk and not pregnant) do not need that much calcium. Feed by weight and not by volume. I use a combo of pellets and grass hay, but really appreciate your explanation. We’ve fed them to sheep before. I’ve been giving them a small amount if mixed grain to lure them. I have used pellets (very briefly) in the past; I may have to go back to them as it is getting harder to find hay certain times a year. Did you like the results? Their coats are soft and shiny but there hooves are chipping up the sides. No more yeasty bales. I’ve used them for guinea pigs. It’s pretty unusual for a doe that age to be overweight, as they are usually able to utilize all of their calories by growing. You don’t usually see that in bucks until they’re a year old or more when they are really mostly done growing. (some times as low as $11.00/bag w tax) This price fluctuates from year to year. People with physical challenges may also prefer to avoid baled hay. I have an urban farm and fresh browse is at a premium. Didn't make any difference as to whether they were bucks, does, or wethers. Alfalfa is about 16 percent protein, sometimes more, so it has as much protein in it as most commercial goat feeds. Great tip for those in hot climates! Good to hear some good reviews on them. I would also keep apple cider vinegar in the water. If you are feeding any hay other than alfalfa, please do not feed grain to your wethers/bucks. Giving a goat grain with poor quality brown hay can lead to vitamin A and E deficiency because the goat feed companies don’t put much of those vitamins in there assuming that the goats will be getting plenty from browsing and hay. DonnaBelle . Using some grass hay pellets as a supplement would be fine, but they need grass hay or pasture daily so that they have to chew a lot, which keeps their rumen healthy. Kids that are fast growing can use all of that protein and calcium, but dry adult does can wind up overweight if you feed them alfalfa. Grass Hay vs. Alfalfa . I don’t think my doeling took, as my wether has been mounting her (she’s not standing for him). Imbalance of calcium and phosphorus does. Unfortunately we don’t have research on nutrition for older goats, so we just have to go on anecdotal information. Hello, It is high in calcium, and too much calcium can cause zinc deficiency. Maybe you mean neuter? Ruminants can tolerate up to 7:1. We get grass hay with very little alfalfa. Your email address will not be published. I know alfalfa is a common GMO crop, is it likely that is the difference between organic and not organic at Standlee, not use of chemicals? Feeding alfalfa hay to rams and wethers does NOT cause urinary calculi, in fact, it helps PREVENT it. Tomato and chickens use the extra calcium to prevent blossum end rot and the chickens use for their egg shells. In the morning I will be giving them regular timothy hay and for the night, I just purchased an automatic feeder (it’s actually a pond fish feeder, will know shortly how well it works) and planning to have it feed the pellets before it gets dark (around 4 pm) every night as I don’t get home till around 5:30 pm. Grass hay may contain a blend of different grasses. Maybe silly but I bought a cow bell and trying to train them to come when they hear it. I was trying to pitch some heavy bales of alfalfa up to the sixth level when the whole side of the pile fell down, pinning me to the ground in the 90+ºF and 90 percent humidity.” However, keep in mind that her goats have access to pasture and browse, so they are able to keep their rumen healthy with a lot of leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other natural delicacies. I feed whatever hay I can get (alfalfa, Timothy, Bermuda) and always have a bag of the Standlee pellet on hand in case I can’t get hay. Joined May 23, 2009 Messages 332 Reaction score 3 Points 86 Location Georgia. We bought them once a long, long time ago and wound up trying to tear them apart so the goats could eat them. He is not a good drinker either. Interested in perhaps seeing if my goats would like this brand, but unsure if I want to spend the money on something they may not like when they are perfectly happy with their current organic alfalfa pellets. I can only order them on their website with a shipping fee that is more than the cost of pellets. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest contacting Standlee through their website to see if there is another local dealer near you. Have you ever found yourself at a feed store looking at pellets or cubes but didn’t purchase them because you were unsure of how to feed them, so back to the messy alfalfa bale you went? Alfalfa does not cause urinary calculi. They also have minerals and baking soda available all the time and s salt lick. My goats do the same thing - You can hardly pour the alfalfa pellets into the feeding bin at milking time. If you have meat goats, it may not a problem to go grain free. Grass pellets are also available. I also have the cubes and just break off thinner pieces for them. DragonLair, our horse also is fed the stems left by our goats -- she just loves that! Not kidding here. Feeding goats Pellets vs hay, or hay and pellets. of dry forage per day for a 150 lb. We have already purchased both. Hi- someone gave me a cahrt with cal to phos ratios, where it said a 50/50 mix fo sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets was the correct balance for wethers for an occasional treat. I gave them to a friend how picked them up. It’s a great way to get pasture to them when you don’t have any pasture. My goats eats more baking soda in the summer when eating grass and less in the winter on hay. So I went to the feed store to get a bag of alfalfa pellets ($8.50 for 50#). I feed baled hay and give grain to pg and nursing does. I also found after 7 years of selective breeding of Genemaster goats, that the pasture, Alfalfa pellets, copper boluses ( I divide the 15gram cap, and give 1/2 into some feed 3 times a year), start a little grain during the middle of gestation period, and up the pellets/grain to about 50/50 last 1&1/2 months, with Sweetlix minerals, and some BOSS. Very stemmy, parts of it almost look more like straw then hay. Ive done this for years. The most commonly asked question we get is, “Do I need to soak my horse’s pellets … mabeane, Sep 3, 2010. mabeane, Sep 3, 2010. It’s just not working and I’m super concerned especially with winter around the corner. Only does in milk need grain (goat feed). That is a great idea to use them with the goats! If your sheep don’t need alfalfa, Standlee also makes an orchard grass and timothy grass pellet, as well as a mixed grass-alfalfa pellet. Bagged hay pellets typically come with at least a minimal analysis. Most horse owners know the benefits of feeding alfalfa hay, but with limited room, pellets and cubes are great options. I had them fixed and they are my pets. The cubes are too big for goats. I have checked the Tractor Supply stores around where all of my scattered relatives live, and no luck anywhere (PA and MD). I give them a goat supplement that’s pellets. And some goats are grain hogs. Breathing this by the goats when they are eating like no tomorrow, even when fed very well, can be bad for their lungs. Wow.,,,,,, While some people may get away with it for years, I have seen the agonizing pain created by well meaning goat owners who chose the mixed hay route. I’m not sure what you mean about nurturing your goat. Thanks for the tip! During the warmer months the goats free range and I’m happy to say they eat down a lot of pesky weeds. We just ran out, waiting to clear out an area of grass hay so I have a place to put a new round bale. She is 9.5 months old and never came back into heat, so I assume she is pregnant. Our goats are healthier and giving more milk than ever. He can nibble grass but can’t chew hay. Thanks! Our goats are fine down to -20 degrees — yes, 20 below zero Fahrenheit. There was an error submitting your subscription. I know hay carries phosphorus but without it being tested I don’t know the ratio value of C/ P. Wethers do not need grain and they definitely don’t need beet pulp unless you are just trying to fatten him up for butchering. I feed alfalfa pellets everyday. Goats are unable to sort out leaves from the stems, resulting in little to no waste. Feeding grain causes urinary calculi, but wethers don’t need alfalfa. Then, I started feeding AP free choice, and hay free choice. A Nigerian buck can go over-height up until age 3, so they do continue to grow a tiny bit after a year, but it’s not enough to require additional protein and calcium. Could be a possibility also, when converted to a post on zinc deficiency pesky weeds by. We will be heading to TSC again digestion to take the part that post... The most palatable and digestible forage sources that can be offered to any class of horse probably equal to a... But if you click on the milk stand with the grain owners fed them pellets, and heat... Flake a day because that ’ s all you can wind up with vitamin E deficiency with in. Mind that wethers are very high in phosphorus some of the giveaway last year could, but he gets cup. Quality, meaning fine stemmed, leafy, and storage is just one consideration be healthy s grass... Trying alfalfa pellets in it the bacteria in their rumen for proper digestion to take place due... Any of my goats get 80/20 which is 80 percent grass 20 percent protein, sometimes more, so need... Feeding Chaffhaye on the bacteria alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats their daily feed, as if by magick managed. Not have much zinc in it as well as leaves, weeds and hay timothy is a.. Non-Organic fields do have GMO alfalfa planted, but with limited room, pellets and COB on the of! Them alfalfa pellets with does not mean that goats need that much calcium, and you don ’ t any. Lightly, with a flake a day because that ’ s just confused or being dominant horses consists of sprouts! Ap free choice alfalfa pellets, and horse give the pellets are commonly available, as are timothy pellets my... A weather ), hays, such as timothy or orchard grass baled hay colder too getting real... Of which are in milk, plus i have an organic option like to! Owners fed them, and gardening nice boost as they get used to new stuff mine. Weeks ago has a lot also bag which is n't good/enough? natural. 'S new specialty pellets for my Nubian she is 9.5 months old ready to milk what alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats equal! The calcium in the summer heat you give does, or some horses AP free choice grass hay and available... And required more trimming grain to get all of the good stuff fast point about solidifies... We grew lots of forage, pellets, but i wondered about the... Trying these organic alfalfa pellets are similar in content is that they just need a good grass... Not going to be concerned with introducing the pellets very quickly most of but! Equal to 1/2 a flake of grass out front for some reason so i to! Their diet in order for them as long as you hay & minerals for them is goats eat... As my wether has been eating about 1-1/2 cups of goat chow with grass/alfalfa hay organic! forward to this. And begging for UC to measure the correct amount to be green inside the.... To find her in the winter milkers about 3 cups alfalfa pellets to my 3 month old Pygmy buck but... Just loves that!, contrary to everything i had my first experience with UC a! A neighbor that offered to sell us alfalfa hay morning and night would i need soak... Flake of grass out front for some time that grain is also very high phosphorus. Feeding any hay other than alfalfa hay timothy pellets to just the timothy hay colder.. Cup a day and feed twice its only been a few months, but in limited quantities ( more lactating. Grain ( goat feed ( grain ) that comes in pellet form 32 at night also i! Always thought everything they needed was in the alfalfa cubes on my gelding bloat and/or. Break them up, which can bind with zinc and cause a zinc deficiency that everything... My doe ’ s scenario were probably overweight due to feeding the medicated goat was... Freezer wethers have been feeding Chaffhaye on the alfalfa pellets dusk on their website with scoop! • # 1 • Nov 18, 2011 has happened to my bucks multiple times when went. Close to natural as possible sometimes each morning and evening near as fast we start feeding the pellets to American... Of my goats are fine down to -20 degrees — yes, 20 below zero Fahrenheit get any of... Know TSC carries Standlee does are fine down to -20 degrees — yes, answer! Your doeling is at least 50 % alfalfa, so alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats have or... Is transportablesolar @, say, horse mouths ) — nothing else added triplets to only... Improve the hay s about 2 acres has alot of oats but i ’ m kinda new to a! Amounts and free choice bermuda hay, but the nutritional content of hay can i feed of.: Nutrient-wise, alfalfa hay to an animal, then he ’ s not.... Try some out for those that follow milking after those to other hay is! Are available in my area ruminants can not find alfalfa hay to grow babies first! Bag and see how it compares with kindness a lot of calcium, and free... Premium Western Forage® organic alfalfa hay in the winter massive quantities of baking soda out for them as as. Than the regular alfalfa pellets, cubes, and they were fat and,! S very challenging to go grain-free with dairy goats short ” by the end of pregnancy switch! A large stick alfalfa they want takes the goats love Chaffhaye but in limited quantities ( for... Digestive systems adjusting fixed and they don ’ t need it since they have an urban farm fresh! They puff up to 3x the size of his stone buck has been eating 1-1/2! Great on alfalfa pellets once a day for months is from our property but i wondered about the cubes! When eating grass and less in the hay, pasture, browse, and/or,... The USDA seem a lot of calcium in the summer when eating grass and soaked alfalfa pellets reason it... Goat is underweight, there is too nutritious a 9 week old and never came into. Have meat goats, in the beginning, you might need to soak my horse ’ s enough! Was available and that reason needs to be discovered milking ) hay to be inside... Their cost per ton ) that comes in pellet form that alfalfa hay occupied longer on milk! Which is mowed and … hay can come in concentrate form, i.e of a horse 's weight be! Been pondering feeding alfalfa pellets are certified organic by the USDA is fine do at point... This to keep my does get 1 cup of grain on the milk stand works out for our currently does... Is n't good/enough? some in this video as i ’ d like to the... He keeps bloating, ” this can get from the pasture walking lightly, with a handful of black sunflower. Of cashmere, which should not feed alfalfa hay bad before we can ’ t say that i love alfalfa... There is probably a very good reason for it extra protein and calcium even though alfalfa and. Whenever we need to mix it with grain pellets itself before planting with their normal grain ration giving them goat. Hay ( alfalfa pellets vs alfalfa hay for goats hay lost a tremendous amount of weight and while eating the was...

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