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Whether you are just starting out on your own or looking to upgrade to a larger piece of equipment, you can find all sizes of power hammers, dies, and parts for sale. Big BLU Air Hammer Big BLU Hammer Manufacturing Co. 3308 Frank Whisnant Rd. There are different tools for different needs, and different weight and styles within those categories. 89″ (2261mm) high, 36″ x 20″ (914 x 508mm) base. New this setup (air hammer and dies) costs about $7000 (the air hammer alone is $6000) new, plus you have to pay shipping, and the stamp dies are expensive too. 6|Operating pressure Mpa 07 + -0.5|Ram depth 2100 mm|Stroke min. Big Blu 110 Power Hammer. It is a modern forging hammer for artist blacksmiths and metalworkers. These factors will influence service life of air power hammer a lot. The original model in our power hammer lineup, the KZ100 is … Power hammer Page Home Power Hammer Manufacturers and Distributors Tell them you found it on anvilfire.com! With a traditional hammer and anvil, which relied on the brute strength of the operator, work is slow going, and output is restricted to the items that a single person can create. Just like you can work steel faster with a 200lb anvil than a 100lb anvil due to anvil mass, it's the same with a power hammer. 1. sold. OPTIONAL: Clamping Mode with 1000 lbs. BIG BLUE HAMMER BLU MAX 155 Power Hammer, s/n na, 9” Adj Stroke, 0-225 SPM, 18” Throat (Plant Location: Blacksmith Shop) 149A 2005 PEERLESS VB-181C Tilting Vertical Bandsaw, s/n 941579 (Location: BB10) 149B Coat all surfaces with a flat liquid free of bubbles or foam. Turn off or disconnect all power. The air or steam hammers with a seperate air compressor are the least efficient (air cooling down), followed by the self contained, followed by the mechanical. (50kg) ram, 700 lbs. Member Since: April 11, 2014. forging force per hammer: 140 t|Hammer stroke rate: 1200 U/min|Length of hammer: 135 mm|Hammer adjustment range on diameter 60 mm|Max. More than anything, the KA75 clearly duplicates a striker with a sledgehammer. As such, there are many types of forging hammers, ranging from the old-fashioned hammer and anvil to the air forging hammer and the drop forge hammer, which are more commonly used in today’s metalworking environment. Blacksmiths Hand-Forged Cross Pein Hammer with wood handle. KA 75 Video Demos. In every email, you can easily unsubscribe from our service. It generally takes between 20 and 25 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to drive a power … 1, Ellsen pneumatic forging hammer do not need out-side air compressor. Back to home page Return to top. About Us | Schedule | Photo Gallery | Contact Us BLU MAX 110. (318kg) anvil. These provide greater strength, and the exact amount of pressure can usually be determined by the operator. Rank. For those of you who wish to the best big blu power hammer for sale, you should not miss this article. height of dies without shafts: 400 mm|-Of ram: 950 mm|-Of die holder: 1180 mm|Number of strokes per minute: 50|-Length: 3700 mm|-Width: 2000 mm|-Height: 8750 mm|-Height above floor: 6490 mm|Weight of hammer: 40942 kg|Weight of anvil block: 99422 kg|Overall weight: 140364 kg, Impact energy: 50 kJ|Nominal mass of drop parts: 2000 kg|Max. The Big BLU’s heavy all-steel frame is designed so that it can be filled with sand to deaden noise and increase installed mass. : 6|Operating pressure Mpa: 07 + -0.5|Ram depth: 2100 mm|Stroke: min. 1917 50Lb Little Giant Power Hammer / Old Style for auction is a 3/8" double bead swage. fastening surface of dies: 500x400 mm|Machine height above floor level: 4000 mm|Machine weight: 19900 kg, Nominal mass of drop parts: 2000 kg|Impact energy: 50 kJ|Max. The power hammer price is important, but not the most important. 12 talking about this. The Air Power Drop Hammer. The three hammers above just scratch the surface when it comes to the different types of tools that Estwing offer with their hammers. strokes per min. There Truly is a Big Blu Power Hammer for All Needs. Forum Posts: 4. A 100lb Iron Kiss can move more steel than a Big Blu 110. Price: ... Big Blue Power Hammer for the knife maker, metal worker, blacksmith. © 2020 Euro Architectural Components. workpiece length: 900 mm|Chuck head rapid traverse rate: 150 485 mm/sec.|Chuck head adjustable feed rate: 0-36 mm/sec.|Co. Made from top quality forged and heat treated tool steel. POWER HAMMERS . Registered User. Big Blue has a 6.5:1 anvil:ram ratio. Power of typing: 3,600 Kg / m|Weight of the falling weight: 1250 Kg|Cadence: 110 rounds / minute|Height above ground level: 3,750 mm|Total height of the machine: 3,750 mm|Weight of the chabotte: 24 tons|Total weight of the pestle hammer: 35 tons, Power of typing: 7000 Kg / m|Weight of the falling weight: 2,500 Kg|Cadence: 100 rounds / minute|Height above ground level: 4,100 mm|Total height of the machine: 5 145 mm|Weight of the chabotte: 47.5 tons|Total hammer weight: 64 tonnes, YOM: 1974 / 2020|PLC: Siemens S7 - Technology v4.2 with CNC Bosch Rexroth XM21|Numbers of Hammers: 4|Forging force: 800 Ton (200 t per Hammer)|Strokes per minute: 580|Hammer length: 320 mm|Maximum setting range is calculated diameter hammers 100 mm|Maximum diameter of forging for structural steel:|circular cross section 160 mm|square cross section 130 mm|Extreme quadrangle: 12 x 120 mm|Maximum length of forging: 6000 mm|Maximum diameter mount, Counterblow forging hammer Zts Kosice UHG 4000|Manufactured by ZTS Kosice (Czechoslovakia licensed by Schuler)|Type UHG 4000|Impact work 400 000 Nm|Max. Big BLU power hammers are equipped with Quick Change interchangeable die system. If you buy a power hammer whose work capacity is beyond what you need in practice, it will waste your money and time. Pound Out Metal Projects With a Blacksmith Power Hammer. Big Blu Power Hammer directory ☆ Big Blu Power Hammer manufacturers, suppliers ☆ Big Blu Power Hammer buyers, importers, wholesalers, distributors ... Striker power hammer motor and controls Ken Albert - December 12, 2020; Problem Solving Melting bronze parts Larry - December 4, 2020; For Sale MZ75 Power Hammer. 2x840mm|Die height 250 min./mm|Nominal line width 1230 mm|Projected output kg / h 673|Average daily power 23.12|Gross weight 227 000 kg|Planned staff 5. Our QC™ die system allows fast and easy changing of interchangeable dies. The following is the top 10 big blu power hammer for sale by our suggestions. The Blu Max 155 and other big blue hammers from Oak Hill Iron are pretty impressive. Big Blu Blue Power Hammer Knife Making, Metal worker: Condition: Used. 127A Aviva Park Drive Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 9C1. stroke of headstock: 1000 mm|Distance between columns in daylight: 2360 mm|Distance between guides in daylight: 550 mm|Working zone height in daylight: 530 mm|Bottom die impression-to-floor distance: 750 mm|Die impression size (LxW): 530 x 300 mm|Steam pressure: 0,7...0,9 MPa|Compressed air pressure: 0,6...0,8 MPa|Hammer dimensions (LxW): 4900 х 1930, Strike energy: 40 kJ|Nominal weight of the falling parts: 1600 kg|Number of strokes per minute: 70 ± 10%|Distance between guides in daylight: 520 mm|Min. Big Blu BLU1#1 Cross Peen Hammer - 1.5 lbs. Operates almost noise-free except for hammer blows. Order History | Delivery Information | Returns | Gift Vouchers. The Original Big Blu leak detector is used by OEM’s and industry professionals worldwide. We use a mechanical linkage and a directional valve along with compressed air to operate and control the hammer. The Big BLU’s heavy all-steel frame is designed so that it can be filled with sand to deaden noise and increase installed mass. 2.5″ (63.5mm) bore cylinder with double wear bands. Infinite control of 0-275 strokes per minute coupled with a soft touch to massive blows is achieved by use of foot pedal. American made – all components readily available. This is due to the anvil:ram ratio. ram stroke: 480 mm|Number of strokes per minute: 135 1/min|Die height: 310 mm|Ram weight: 1120 kg|Ram (front to back): 450 mm|Dimensions: 1900 x 1200 mm|Height of machine above floor: 3200 mm|Total weight: 26 t|Mode of operation: pneumatic, Blow energy: 32000 mkg|Total stroke of both rams: 1300 mm|Number of strokes per minute: 50 1/min|Minimum die height: 600 mm|Die length: 2400 mm|Ram weight - upper ram: 26500 kg|Ram weight - lower ram: 30000 kg|Ram (front to back): 1730 mm|Dimensions: 4710 x 3100 x 7870 mm|Height of machine above floor: 5900 mm|Total weight: 180 t|Mode of operation: pneumatic, Manufacturer: Stanko|Type: M418|Blow energy: 2700 mkg|Max. weight of anvil 34000 kg|Height above floor 5600 mm|Total weight 64000 kg, Type: GOA 2000|Blow energy: 2500 mkg|Max. However, mechanical and eventually hydraulic forging hammer variants were developed, and these replaced muscular power with mechanical and hydraulic power. Also include the original manual instruction. John uses a 16:1 anvil:ram ratio. 80|Number of strokes per min. working ram stroke: 1300 mm|Distance between guides in daylight: 800 mm|Min. big blu power hammer for sale coming in a variety of types but also different price range. For more information, please see the following privacy policy page. Our most popular hammer, the MZ75 offers unmatched control and versatility for all of your forging projects. Big Blu BLU5 #5 Rounding Hammer - 2.6 lbs. Big BLU power hammers are equipped with Quick Change interchangeable die system. forging diameter for cold forging: 45 mm|Max. Big BLU Hammer Manufacturing Company. Learn More. number of blows per minute: 70|Max. Price also include air tank to operation. And a Big Blu 2.4lb #2 hand hammer … 3, Blacksmith power hammer ( c41-9, c41-15,c41-25,c41-40,c41-55,c41-75,c41-110 ) has single frame and good for forging work handling. 2x840mm|Die height :250 min./mm|Nominal line width: 1230 mm|Projected output: kg / h 673|Average daily power: 23.12|Gross weight: 227 000 kg|Planned staff: 5|Manufacturing year: 1975|GO year: 1984, Cold Radial Forging Machine GFM SHK-10|Machine overhauled in 2019 with new GFM original Control|YOM: 1977 / 2019|Number of forging hammers: 4|Max. The modern hammer forging machine can work with a cold or hot forge, and there are different models of used forging hammer available for purchase. ram stroke: 520 mm|Number of strokes per minute: 125 1/min|Die height: 350 mm|Ram weight: 1760 kg|Ram (front to back): 530 mm|Dimensions: 2250 x 1400 mm|Height of machine above floor: 3300 mm|Total weight: 40.5 t|Mode of operation: pneumatic, Hydraulic forging hammer Lasco KH 315 - 3150 kgm|Force 3150 kgm|Falling heigh 1100 mm|Ram weight 2900 kg|Opening between the stands 700 mm|Total consumption 42 kW|Approx. Offline. A power hammer can be a useful tool for any metalworking or blacksmith shop. forging length: 6000 mm|Grip DIA of manipulator: 130 mm DIA|Manipulator A max. Kanskje Norges desidert beste distriktsdekning Kampanjetilbud Reduserte priser på både trådløst Internett og satellittbredbånd. ram stroke: 1200 mm|Distance clear between guides: 600 mm|Ram front-to-back dimensions: 670 mm|Die-holder front-to-back dimensions: 900 mm|Bottom die impression-to-floor distance: 840 mm|Minimum die holder-to-ram distance: 260 mm|-Inlet: 6-8 Mpa|-Exhaust: 0,2-0,5 Mpa|Overall dimension: 2950x1660 mm|Height above floor level: 5310 mm|Mass (less anvil b, Weight of the falling parts: 1000 kg|Strike energy: 30 kJ|Strike frequency per min: 95|Height of the working area: 800 mm|-Length: 380 mm|-Width: 160 mm|Forge square: 290x290 mm|Power: 75 kW|-Length: 4400 mm|-Width: 1780 mm|-Height: 3570 mm|Height over the floor level: 3300 mm|Weight of anvil block: 13 tons|Weight of the hammer with anvil block: 36 tons, Weight of the falling parts: 250 kg|Number of strokes per min: 155|Effective kinetic energy of falling part by stroke: 645 kg/m|Distance from ram axis-to-frame: 420 mm|-Length: 210 mm|-Width: 80 mm|-Anvil height above the floor: 750 mm|Diameter of working cylinder: 400 mm|Diameter of compressor cylinder: 400 mm|Stroke run: 560 mm|-Square: 90 mm|-Rounded 105 mm|-Length: 1200 mm|-Width: 2710 mm|-Height: 2450 mm|Weight of the hammer with an anvil-bl, Weight of the falling parts: 400 kg|Strike energy: 11 kJ|Strike frequency per min: 142|Flight: 30 mm|Height of the working area: 530 mm|-Length: 560 mm|-Width: 100 mm|Optimal dimensions of the forging detail: 100 mm|Power: 37 kW|-Length: 3200 mm|-Width: 1320 mm|-Height: 2700 mm|Height over the floor level: 2600 mm|Weight: 13 ton. Don't let its size fool you though-this hammer packs a punch! It comes with the combo, bark texturing, radius side dies. Scientifically-balanced ram to anvil ratios for maximum effectiveness. Economical to purchase – even for hobbyist. Big Blu Hammer Remove filter Filters (1) Sort by Sort by ... QC die system allows fast easy changing of interchangeable dies on the Big Blu power hammer.Dies are made of heat treated S-7 tool steel that will ... View full details from $ 420.00 Shortly after the First Industrial Revolution (about 1760) the steam hammer was developed. A column, with foot, is usually dropped inside a cylindrical metal tube, and the item to be pressed or beaten is placed at the foot of the column. Bolt on combo dies are angled to the frame and have 2.13 x 4.75" faces. Use on any gas including Oxygen. Elmer Roush of California runs three hammers, two of which are utility types, a Trip Air and a Big Blu. Manufacturer: GFM (Austria)|New in 70|Complete Mechanical Upgrade by GFM, with increase of Power to 900 Ton/hammer|and new CNC in 1991|Numbers of Hammers: 4|Forging force: 3.600 Ton (900t per hammer)|Strokes per minute: 270|Diameter adjustment field: 280 mm|Eccentric forge: 14 mm|Hammer length: 610 mm|Maximum diameter of forging:|- circular cross section: 400 mm|- square cross section: 320 mm|Minimum output diameter:|- circular: 60 mm|- square: New in 1976 / 2020|Machine comes with New CNC Control SIEMENS installed 2013|No of Hammers: 4|Forging force: 640 Ton (160x4)|Largest initial material dimensions: 130 mm|Smallest dimensions forged: 25 mm|Diameter setting range: 90 mm|Hammer stroke / min: 620/min|Max. 14 $64.15 $64.15 The 18″ (457mm) throat accommodates 36″ (914mm) plates and/or pieces of unusual sizes and shapes. Price not include disassembling and transportation cost. ANVILFIRE, ANYANG, IRON KISS HAMMERS, BIG BLUE HAMMER, SAHINLER AIR HAMMERS, NAZEL, MASSEY FORGING, EDMONTON, WOLF and SAY MAK are some of the best known forging hammer manufacturers that offer different models of forging power hammer for sale. Home of the Big BLU MAX and ergonomic forging hammers for modern blacksmiths! Power Hammer Plans Blacksmith Power Hammer Forging Hammer Blacksmith Forge Forging Metal Gas Forge Pneumatic Hammer Planishing Hammer Air Hammer. height of dies without shafts: 460 mm|Dimensions of die holder front-to-back: 620 mm|Diameter of cylinder: 350 mm|Diameter of rod: 125 mm|-Min. KA 75 Striking Hammer - This video of the KA75 is an excellent way to see the awesome power of this tool in action. Details about Big Blu Blue Power Hammer Knife Making, Metal worker See original listing. your own Pins on Pinterest If you go with bolt on dies the largest open face die that will fit is 3.5" round or 3" square. Used by both Blacksmiths and Farriers. However, for faster project completion, for the application of more precise amounts of pressure, or when there is a considerable ongoing need for the process to be run, hydraulic and air forging hammer models are usually chosen. height of the H die without shaft: 450 mm|Distance between floor level and the plane of die socket, at its smallest height: 700 mm|Distance between guides in daylight: 1000 mm|The length of the heads, Strike energy: 1600 kgm|Weight of the falling parts: 800 kg|Nominal slide stroke: 800 mm|Slide weight: 800 kg|Distance between guides: 500 mm|Electric motor: 18,5 kW; 380 V; 50 Hz|Min. Hydraulic forging hammer Lasco KH 315 - 3150 kgm, Counterblow forging hammer Zts Kosice UHG 4000, Forging hammer Huta Zygmunt MPM 3150 B - 1.25 ton, Air steam double-action forging hammer M1343, Pneumatic air forging hammer model MA4134, Pneumatic air forging hammer model MA4136. Home of the Big BLU MAX and ergonomic forging hammers for modern blacksmiths! EK-8AF Digep Counterblow Forging Hammer For Sale Below Market Price in a good condition. Used, 50Lb Little Giant Blacksmith Power Hammer / . displacement: 7500 mm|Total connected power: 300 kW 380 V, 50, DIGEP - EK-8AF - 1972|- punching power: 80 kNm|- strokes per minute: 12-20|- workpiece: 5-30 kg|- dimensions(HxWxL): 5025x2757x1150 mm |- weight: 33,5 t, mechanical presses for press forging trimming presses calibrating upper/bottom-driven presses pneumatic-hydraulic power hammers cross-wedge rolling machines eccentric presses automated forging systems other horizontal and mechanical hot/cold forming presses hydraulic presses|Nominal forming energy 50Kj|The stroke of ram 500mm|Production Year 1984, Forging hammer Huta Zygmunt MPM 3150 B - 1.25 ton|Manufacturer Huta Zygmunt Br.|Type MPM 3150 B|Precussive energy 3600 mkg|Ram weight 1250 kg|Mode of operation pneumatic|Table size (front to back) 700 mm|Stroke 800 mm|Strokes / min 10|Working pressure 5 7 atm|Max. This has become the more commonly found variant of forging hammer for sale in today’s market. KZ100 Power Hammer. KC-7180V1-MS KING HIGH OUTPUT 7.5 PEAK HP 80 ... 110 lbs. By entering and confirming your email address, you will receive an e-mail notification as soon as new offers are received for your search. scottlea. These are a bit narrower than Big BLU… Type/model M-133a|Year of construction 1958|Max pressure |Max impact energy 7000 kGm|Weight of falling parts 2000 kg|Stroke of swingle 1260 mm|Strokes per minute maximum 85|Lenght x Width x Height 445017005640 mm|Spacing of guides 2300 mm|Total mass 75 000 kg|Compressed air consumption 20 m3/min|Compressed air pressure 5-7 bar|Maximum weight of forging |Type of control hands|Technical condition good|Compliance with CE standards no|Status to see, We will sell the Beche forging hammer, type: DG 25H|Kinetic energy: 250 kJ, Type: UHG 4000|Impact work: 400 000 Nm |Max. 1.75″ x 3″ x 5″ (44.5 x 76.2 x 127mm) dies. Working capacity: 10kJ, Bear weight: 600kg, Bear stroke: 1600mm, Beast depth: 450mm, Impact: 40Schläge / min, Motor: 18,5kW, with associated furnace, heating capacity: approx. Its unique deep throat permits a wide range of work, including repoussé on large panels. die height: 180 mm|Max. load of upper die: 200 kg|Height of die distribution over the floor: 800 mm|Number of strokes per minute: 120|The intake air pressure: 0,5-0,7 MPa|The intake vapor pressure: 0,5-0,7 MPa|Average air consumption per minute: 7 m³|Average vapor consumption per hour: 380 kG|Cylinder diam, Strike energy: 125 kJ|Nominal weight of the falling parts: 5000 kg|Max. It is a must to pay attention to the air hammer quality, performance, structure etc. BIG BLU Hammer Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of air power hammers, hand hammers and blacksmiths hand tools. *More dies available.Please Contact Us at our Machinery Department for further inquiries. All Rights Reserved. Product Care / Cleaners / Paints / Adhesives, Additional notes will appear on pdf document, COVID-19 NOTICE – EFFECTIVE JULY 13, 2020. (Maybe it’s a California thing: most fabricators simply use one compressor.) unknown make or model but does have a westinghouse air brake tag on it. Discover (and save!) Horse power: If power is a concern, the mechanicals require the least horse power per pound of ram than any other type of hammer. There are no solenoids valves or limit switches. Please see details below. will compress air inside with motor driven flywheel. He powers them with three 5-HP, two-stage compressors. A forge hammer is any hammer or hitting implement that is used during the metal forging process, in order to give shape and to beat out inconsistencies from the metal. 560 reviews analysed. strokes per min. static pressure. (1.2 Kg) This rounding hammer is ergonomically designed to work with the natural movements of the body. Finished and fitted with shock mounted wood handle. Over 180-degree foot pedal control easily accessible regardless of whether operator works right or left-handed. The KZ100 Power Hammer operates just like a steam hammer. Technical service is just a phone call away. height of dies without shafts: 220 mm|Max. 2, Ellsen power hammer save place in the workshop, no need do special foundation. force 160 T|frame stroke 520 mm|engine 27 kW|Weight 32500 kg|Hydraulic oil operating mode|Power management 27 kW|Wiring 3 x 380/220 V|Oil quantity 250 l|anvil weight 17500 kg|Fall height 1000 mm|Machine height above floor 4950 mm|Total machine height 5725 mm|Gross weight 32500 kg|Price by agreement. The drop forge hammer relies solely on gravity to beat the metal. No moving parts other than the free-floating head. : 85 kg|-Max. 2x710 mm max. working stroke of the headstock: 1400 mm|Min. pnumatic PICK UP ONLY. Member . The Double Acting Steam or Air Power Drop Hammer is the most powerful machine in general use today for the production of commercial impression die forgings by impact pressure. : 200 kg|Voltage: 360 V, 50 Hz|-Left-to-right: 3000 mm|-Front-to-back: 1600 mm|-Height over floor, Nominal weight of the striking parts including the weight of the upper die: 10 tons|Strike energy: at least 260 kJ|Number of strikes per minute: 45|Air consumption: 33 m³/min|Air pressure: 7-9 kg/cm²|Max. number of blows per minute: 56|Max. Ended: Dec 24, 2020. Sep 2, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Jed Perkins. Big-Blu Blu Max 110 Air Hammer for sale... April 11, 2014 11:37 am. Big Blu 1.5 lb. Morganton NC 28655 USA Phone: 828-437-5348 - FAX: 828-437-9217 : Quality Fly Presses Kayne & Son Custom Hardware, Inc. (Blacksmiths Depot) 100 Daniel Ridge Rd. More to explore : Hall Ironworks: Big Blu Hammer X-1 Rounding Hammer - Review The three motors feed a manifold with a single pipe to feed the hammer in use. Dies are made of heat-treated S-7 tool steel. weight of upper die 400 kg|Die height 220 mm|Ram (front to back) 500 mm|Air consumption 15 m3 / min|Anvil weight 24 t|Height of machine above floor 3750 mm|Total machines height 4380 m, Max energy impact 7000 kGm|Weight of falling part 2000 kg|Beater stroke 1260 mm|Max number of strokes per minute 85|Length x width x height 4450 1700 5640 mm|Clearance between racks 2300 mm|Weight without saber 29 500 kg|30,000 kg saber weight|Supply: compressed air 20 m3 / min|Compressed air pressure 5-7 bar|The maximum forging weight is 200 kg|manual control|Good technical condition|Status to watch, Manufacturer SAHINLER|Machine model MS-50, Weight of the falling parts: 1000 kg|Strike energy: 30 kJ|Strike frequency per min: 95|Height of the working area: 800 mm|-Length: 380 mm|-Width: 160 mm|Forge square: 290x290 mm|Power: 75 kW|-Length: 4400 mm|-Width: 1780 mm|-Height: 3570 mm|Height over floor level: 3300 mm|Weight of anvil block: 13 tons|Weight of the hammer with anvil block: 36 tons, Energy of full blow: 1840 kgm|Ram weight: 630 kg|Ram stroke: 750 mm|Spacing of guides: 430 mm|-In the ram: 400 mm|-In the cushion: 600 mm|Min. This video will demonstrate the operating principal as well as the versatility of this tool. height of lower and upper dies: 250 mm|Max. It is a modern forging hammer for artist blacksmiths and metalworkers. 250kg / h. ype: KGK 1600|Blow energy: 16000 mkg|Stroke: 1100 mm|Maximum die weight: 2500 kg|Ram weight: 12000 kg|Ram (front to back): 1200 mm|Anvil weight: 192 t|Falling height: 1100 mm|Driving power: 300 kW/ 440 V/ 60 Hz|Height of machine above floor: 8000 mm|Total weight: 287 t|Mode of operation: oil hydraulic, Type: GOA 3150|Blow energy: 4000 mkg|Max. This is the only bubble solution capable of detecting gas leakage down to 0.65 ounces per year. 2710 mm max. Some are necessary for our website to function properly and cannot be turned off, and some are optional, which help us improve our website/service to you. Jun 28, 2016 - Big BLU Hammer Manufacturing Company. ram stroke: 950 mm|Ram weight: 1000 kg|Anvil weight: 11.8 t|Dimensions of anvil: 1900 x 980 x 1620 mm|Overhang: 800 mm|Driving power: 75 kW/ 380 V /50 Hz|Dimensions: 4400 x 1600 x 4150 mm|Height of machine above floor: 3870 mm|Total weight: 37.5 t|Mode of operation: pneumatic, Extra info|Type: L9|Blow energy: 2040 kgm|100 automatic blows per minute|Depth of throat: 575 mm|Weight of hammer: 750 kg|Motorpower: 80 HP|length: 3200 mm|Width: 1450 mm|Height: 3450 mm|Weight: 33 ton.

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