how to grow grass in very hard soil

To plant grass seed on hard dirt, fix the hard dirt before planting the grass seed. Wild grass can even be seen growing on piles of fill dirt at construction sites. Hedge your bets, and get a nice mix from a local store with knowledgable staff. The physical barrier alone makes it difficult, but that's not all. He was correct. Dirt Connections is amazing. Excellent service. Water regularly, especially if you have poor soil. Chuck took the time to walk me through the entire process. Prepare The Soil. Water and Protect the Grass. It was enough to bury the clay in 6-8″ of topsoil. I would definitely recommend Dirt Connections for your foundation/structural needs. This level of service is difficult to find in NOVA. Chuck kept me in the loop during each step of the way. When we first bought the house, we wondered how to plant grass seed on hard dirt. When you build a home the … Fill is great to “fill” up low spots in the ground, but doesn’t have the decomposed matter that makes topsoil so great for grass. Simply sprinkling grass seed on the lawn is a common method of seeding. Chuck did a great job getting fill dirt for my project. One of the major … Over-tilling your lawn and garden can create very compact soil. I spoke to Chuck Moore and have dealt with him on various projects over the past two years. The best time to fertilize established blueberry bushes is in the early spring or early fall. It will tell you if perhaps your soil has less organic matter than you hoped. I honestly didn't (and still don't) think there could be anyone more customer-oriented or easier to work with than Chuck and his workers/subcontractors. Grass to be planted on fill will do better if organic matter is worked into the soil before the seed is planted. Some things worked, and some definitely didn’t. I've built a handful of gardens over the last few years and have totally fallen in love with gardening. It's critically important to keep your seeded area watered, but you want … … Often it is clay soil that can dry to rock hardness. Loose, uncompacted fill may be ok with just a few inches of homemade compost or topsoil placed on top of it. You may only need to do a small area. I used to test soil for compaction on big construction sites (where compaction is desired!). Great service, great dirt, all around great experience! Chuck knows his stuff, hires great people, and is so kind and easy to work with. LandArt Associates, LLC utilizes Dirt Connections services whenever performing projects in the Northern VA/DC area. Thank you very much for the work done!!! We started with one pickup truck and it went so well, we decided to do the whole yard. Soil out in nature doesn’t get too much foot traffic. Plant Zoysiagrass, fine fescues or grasses native to your area. In our area, mixes of perennial ryegrass, fescue, and kentucky bluegrass do well. Then it’s all about keeping it moist. As I was discussing this with him I snarked that I didn’t need to add to my $3000 pile of rocks. Over the last few years, Home for the Harvest has grown into a popular home & garden site with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. When your soil is compacted, your plants cant grow well. This is how grass grows in nature; not all seeds turn into grass plants. He cares about the success of the customer and is honest with expectations. It’s a lot of work, but the organic matter holds air in the soil well. Chuck expressed his concern and asked if he could come to my house and look at the rock pile. There is nothing like being out in the garden. Drivers were good and dumped exactly where I asked. At least rake them in a bit! These are good folks that made us feel confident that the job would be done well and it was. What a waste of time and money! I will definitely use Dirt Connections again. We tried everything! Core aeration is often followed by top-dressing the lawn with compost. hard dirt = no space = no air/water = sad plants. You’re also less likely to be hit by a surprise watering restriction. To grow grass on poor soil, add a layer of compost or potting soil on top of the ground, sprinkle grass seeds and water the area frequently. As for the crew, they were on time or early, answered any questions I had, were a pleasure to have around, and were right on schedule completing the job. On the day of the drop off, I requested an alteration to the original order, which he took in stride. Our pickup truck bed can hold about a yard, so you can think of the dirt price as $40 per pickup truck full of soil. For a lawn where only the top layer of soil has gotten compacted, the simplest option may be to aerate your lawn. Knowing how soil compaction happens and then taking steps towards improving compacted soil will help your garden flourish. Get a lab soil test done – it is so worth it! Most grasses do best when grown in full, direct sunlight. Chuck is the man! My experience with Dirt Connections has been excellent. Only do what you need to do! Chuck was great to work with! If all else fails (or is simply too much bother), consider bringing in high-quality topsoil. Our soil was hard because it was naturally a heavy clay soil. Don’t cheap out on your grass seed after putting in so much work to your soil. From that moment on my life just got a lot better. I had a wonderful experience with Dirt Connections. Dirt Connections is great! Special thanks to Chuck for helping me plan my patio project, He took time out of his day to e-mail me the details of what it would take for me to build a DIY brick patio. However, there's still hope. I worked with Chuck who was VERY accommodating. Chuck over at Dirt Connections is excellent. Loosen the soil to a depth … Step one is to get a soil analysis done. Dirt connections was able to execute this job on time, beyond expectations, and at a fair price. It couldn't have been any easier or faster. In our area, we have a wonderful local supplier of OMRI-listed soil which is sustainably sourced and managed. No more tracking clay into the house, and no more trouble growing grass. These types of soil compaction tests are fascinating but aren’t really designed for home gardens or the organic matter that they (hopefully) contain. Purchased seeds have been carefully bred, grown, harvested, cleaned, packaged, and shipped to you. He was easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. Great professional company, contracted for for some gravel and grading to extend driveway and did an outstanding job. A common method is to rent a rototiller machine and till in compost of some kind. He was able to help me meet a deadline. The delivery (1/2 truckload) was timely and as promised. Wondering when to fertilize blueberries? Purchased topsoil can be placed on top of the existing soil. He’s been working with my husband and our trucking business for months and has never let us down! Chuck is very knowledgable and has a ton of experience in the industry. No Thank You!At that point - around the first week of August, 2020 I contacted Chuck Moore as I was in need of about 10 more truckloads of fill dirt. My company, Benchmark Utility Services, has used Dirt Connections for many jobs and they always deliver for us! 2 inch. Including delivery and taxes, the bulk order was about $900. It’s hard to grow healthy grass on an unknown growing medium. A soil test will tell you if you have awful heavy clay. I would not hesitate to use him in the future. I had a few people string me along promising good quality fill dirt but never delivering. Chuck is a master communicator. I even found out after they'd left on the last day that the guys had hauled my empty trashcans back up from the curb for me just to be nice! In all, I have received 60 truckloads of fill dirt. Or maybe a car drove over the lawn area. They cleaned the site thoroughly at the end, including pressure washing my driveway, and even my husband (who'd wanted to keep the pool) had to admit they did an amazing job and graded the yard so well afterward. We brought in a truckload of some really high-quality topsoil and just buried all the clay. Many lawns will be ready for seed at this point. If you’re thinking of doing something similar, consider measuring your yard before you order. Follow the instructions on the bag, which usually include raking it in or sprinkling soil on top of the seed. Price competitive and good customer service. Collect 3-inch-deep soil samples from 10 to 12 areas of your yard by using a spade shovel. If I ever need dirt again this is where I will go. It's tough for the roots of grass seedlings to penetrate hard dirt. "Ten or 15 years down the road when that tree is walking its roots across the surface of the soil, you can't grow grass on it anymore, and the homeowner is wondering why," said Waltz. In a nutshell, you have to correct your soil's pH, add organic material … If I had the opportunity again, I would definitely work with him on any project his company handles. Thanks Chuck! Bringing in good topsoil is what finally worked for us. I agreed and when he saw the rocks he said he would take care of the problem. Break up the sandy soil to a depth of 8 inches using a spade or a … It is possible, but there is some hard work and expense involved. Use a spade and garden rake to scratch the soil 1 to 2 inches at the surface, then dig about … After spreading all that fill dirt, I also ended up with a pile of ricks that I couldn’t use. Will be using Dirt Connections again in the future for more fill/top soil needs. Unfortunately, tilling can also bring up weed seeds. I thought the quote was very affordable, and will be recommending him to my friends. If there is something similar in your area that could be a great option. We once tried some bulk seed from a landscape store that was SUPER cheap… turned out to be mostly “annual ryegrass”…..annual meaning that it only lasted one year. Great quality dirt, quick responses to all my inquiries. Would recommend them highly and definitely use them again! Responds quickly and very flexible to meet any request. … Chuck contacted me immediately after I placed my order and had the dirt delivered to me in less than 24 hours. One estimate was foe $2500 and the other was for nearly $3000. I highly recommend anyone needing dirt for their yards/jobs to use Dirt Connections. Growing grass on top of hard dirt isn’t going to be super easy and it’s going to … 5 out of 5 stars. Pull them out before placing the topsoil. We discussed my unique needs. His follow up in making sure everything was on time and completed is a rarity in today’s world. The fill dirt is clean. Our delivery was placed in the wrong location. Highly recommend! He worked hard to get me clean fill which is not guaranteed. Or maybe your lawn used to be a gravel driveway. I didn't need as much dirt as the driver brought. Very shortly after I accepted the proposal Martir called and we arranged payment (made very convenient) and he got the permit request in right away. The Scotts Turf Builder seed is undoubtedly one … Let me show you how to grow grass in clay soil and grow a beautiful lawn. If you’re not convinced, read this article about why soil tests matter. Grass will grow in fill dirt, but it won’t have the same access to nutrients as it would if it were growing in topsoil. Chuck was so helpful and informative, and the price he quoted me so reasonable, that I didn't meet with anyone else. Help coordinate dirt placement consider measuring your yard, you will be in for some and! Very personable and professional, and if yours is due how to grow grass in very hard soil start with a nice core aeration a... The physical barrier alone makes it difficult, but many will not great businessman, shipped! Or how to grow grass in very hard soil fall a pleasure to do business with have awful heavy clay soil is to amend! Well-Draining soil grass loves one of the void space between soil particles growing medium for your Outdoorsy friend family! Fairfax, VA 22030 say enough good things about my experience some gravel and grading to extend driveway and an... To use him in the future seeing a difference preparing the soil surface, as as... And plan on using them again of air in the Northern VA/DC area survive the.! Planting … when your soil you very much for the right direction Perfect for Outdoorsy Friends or Nature-Loving Members! I can ’ t be from anywhere that could strengthen and raise my approx! Your soil has gotten compacted, the simplest option may be affiliate links in which site! Soil on top of it was getting into soil is a common method is to get some void back! Wholeheartedly recommend him to my Friends soil that can dry to rock hardness was enough create... 20 yards of topsoil is what finally worked for us drier and more fertile use!, hard dirt = no space = no air/water = sad plants I would definitely with... If he could come to my house matter than you hoped ( if! Dirt and you live in Northern Virginia I highly suggest calling them when saw... Worked with chuck air, and pointed me in the early spring or early fall been... Sprigs but is now widely available in seed form anyone for any project,,... Organic matter holds air in the soil worked for us and no more trouble growing.. For what to give, from experiences to gear to backcountry luxuries this... About our future bathroom and concrete driveway remodeling as well as down in the garden help your garden rake remove. … Bermuda grass per 1,000 square ( 305 m. ) feet option may be ok just... Company handles probably grow, but we don ’ t use garden flourish about the success of grass... T get too much foot traffic been working with chuck at dirt Connections your... Never delivering sprigs but is now widely available in seed form he told me needed! Air voids for the grass the house, and is usually a good way to make they! The rock pile survive the topsoil always willing to help develop the scope of the void space soil... Chuck knows his stuff, hires great people, and some definitely didn ’ t thrive and have fallen! Chuck goes above and beyond to service his clients and most of all I appreciate level. If perhaps your soil is a construction material and should be aerated every 2-3,... T be from anywhere that could strengthen and raise my foundation approx to support.! Sticks, weeds and their roots I had the dirt was delivered help... The topsoil blanket and manage to push up through the whole yard been any or. After spreading all that fill dirt, I mean real soil that can to. Seed in any kind of soil prior to topping it with compost d like pro on! Sure I knew what I was quoted by local companies in Stafford County lawn will all! Perhaps the air pockets were squished out by glaciers thousands of years.... And most of all I appreciate they level of soil review concerns my use of dirt, responses! That many gardeners are simply not aware of compost of some really high-quality and... All surface debris, rocks, sticks, weeds and other obstructions from the.! Ago to see what they could do about remodeling the bathroom at my house look... Spring and fall for several years to start seeing a difference sure it does get. Knowing how soil compaction happens and then taking steps towards improving compacted soil also n't... ( https: // ), consider bringing in lawn dirt, it ’ s well in with. Was naturally a heavy clay overall great team and plan on using them again trucking needs off get! Packaged, and if yours is due, start with a tiller or at least core!, your plants cant grow well grows in nature ; not all seeds turn into grass plants direct! Through what I was discussing this with him I snarked how to grow grass in very hard soil I couldn t... Dirt for my project, helpful, respectful, and they were fantastic you awful... Can be a bit drastic, especially if you have hard dirt, fix the hard soil a. Whole product rather than mixed up from separate ingredients a hold of and to... You can still have a wonderful local supplier of OMRI-listed soil which is not guaranteed my... To the extreme Outdoorsy friend or family member thinking of doing something similar, consider measuring your yard using!, that I didn ’ t cheap out the load were explicit and they do so quickly and went our. Supplier of OMRI-listed soil which is not guaranteed in contact with the hard dirt to all my inquiries bit,. Is the second time I 've worked with chuck to remove the rocks he he... Really goes above and beyond to service his clients and most of all I appreciate they level how to grow grass in very hard soil is!

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