how to make hay for goats

I have only ever had one goat get their head stuck. Here’s how I built the manger. It is sturdy enough to stand up to their strength and will stay put even with their roughhousing. Goats, sheep and other small livestock often require special consideration when it comes to hay feeders. Wasted hay is wasted money on the farm and our goal is to waste as little money and hay for that matter as possible. For all the reputation goats have for eating anything, it is remarkable how quality roughage immediately becomes “unpalatable” in some goats’ minds once pulled on the ground and trodden upon or slept on! Chaffhaye is forage in a bag and substitutes for hay. I put the panels up with the small openings at the bottom and the larger openings at the top. Goats need good hay. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and holds a good amount of hay as well. Cattle rings and standard bunk feeders are too large and cumbersome to be practical for the small-livestock farmer. There is some waste, but not much if your animal is a calm eater. It also means that their breed is legit. Here on our farm lives a guy who’s passionate about re-purposing everything. And yes, he drives me crazy. All goats do, however, need to have access to good quality hay. I purchased mine on , but their shipping has not been good as of late. The rest of my does eat with their heads completely inside the bag thus eliminating most of the waste. Hi, Steve Find a Futon Frame for your Hay Feeder. They need the roughage to keep their rumens functioning properly. It happens, I believe. Simply cut three goat-head sized holes about half way up the barrel, put two cement blocks in the bottom to keep the goats from knocking it over, and fill from the top with hay. Goats, being ruminants, thrive on forages. I'm pretty sure only the alfalfa is irrigated. This is one post of many from our Raising Goats … Plus they need access to their hay 24/7. You can find extra pallets for free just about anywhere these days. 2. This post may contain affiliate links. For goats, hay is the main source of nutrients apart from the food they get from the pasture and it’s what they eat the most during the winter when they can’t go outside. You need a hay feeder. It holds about a half a bale of a square bale of hay. Goats will not eat their food once it has been trampled. Even though I have only been raising goats for 10 years, I do think I have tried just about every goat hay feeder on the market. I have pygmy goats with horns and they have never had any issues fighting over getting to the hay or getting their heads in between the slats and getting stuck. Unfortunately, I have not found one of similar quality to the ones I own online as of yet. They need greens, leaves, and other natural foods. Works well in small areas since it takes up little room. Hay would fall under the feeder and make a great place for the chickens to lay their eggs! Hay men won't go that far without a very large order and a steep price here. Apr 21, 2017 - Explore Leannmariewilson's board "Hay feeder for goats" on Pinterest. I found a basic, black, metal futon frame on Craigslist for $20. Fill the box with hay and allow the goats to eat the hay by pulling the hay through the wire out of the box. SHARE: Indigofera for goats. Usually, goats won't touch it. We made two feeders to accommodate our herd and only used 4 pallets for each feeder, plus some scrap pieces of an extra pallet. There is alfalfa, oat, barley, timothy . Younger goats can squeeze in and you do not have to worry about them getting stuck. Grass hay is generally more nutritious than alfalfa hay for livestock, but alfalfa has more fiber. I secure the top with a bungee and put a flake of hay bnb in each. My ever so crafty, handy man of a husband planned a simple solution, he came up with a perfect solution to wasted hay with this DIY goat feeder. This is a do it yourself option that is quick to make, easy to install and simple to move. The girls (even my big Nubian gals) have never gotten stuck. I am in it for the milk. See more ideas about goat feeder, goats, goat farming. And here’s a view of the inside of the goat feeder. Update: I do use this mineral feeder for my goats now! Then they definitely won’t eat that…I don’t blame them really! Goats can jump and climb too, so your goat house should have a climbing-proof roof. Like with the shelter you will make to house the entire goat herd at night and during inclement weather, the nursing stall must also have straw or hay for the goats to use as bedding, a waterer and a feeder. Second cut is also good to give to any goats that are bred. This is a really good and sturdy option and is my go-to for most of my multiple pens. If you know how to raise goats, they can make a great addition to the small farm or homestead. Goats make quite a mess with hay and other fed browsing materials, which can lead to mold as well as rats and mice setting up housekeeping. If your goats have horns, this hay feeder is a great option. Start by taking two pallets and remove boards from the side that already has less (usually about 3 boards). The roads are narrow and winding, I guess? See more ideas about hobby farms, goat barn, goat feeder. Part 1 of 3: Planting Hay. Goat hay feeders are important, because despite what you might have heard about goats, they do not eat everything they see. To help you decide on the best hay feeding option for your goat herd, I have done my first ever review on goat hay feeders. Here is what you can do to make your own hay feeder for goats, sheep, alpacas or other small livestock. Learn how your comment data is processed. I would love to see what you have tried and hear about what worked and what didn’t. Contact me. When you go to your local store to find the right can make sure it comes with a lid as well. However, if you decide to purchase your feeders I know either of the above options will work great for you. Sometimes I get an idea and it actually works the way I envision. An awesome drill. Goat Mineral Guide. If you have tried a few goat hay feeders or made your own, please share below. If your dairy goats don’t have access to legumes in a pasture or as hay, then consider using supplements like alfalfa pellets in your grain mix to increase calcium. Put the boards together and make a crate with spaced slats. I purchased this metal hay feeder for our buck’s outside summer pens. To make it, manufacturers use a mix of early cut grass or alfalfa that they chop and mix with molasses.

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