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Also gave him his knife. In this guide, we will give you step by step guide and some helpful tips to complete this quest. I'm not able to get a better ending for Johanka than the one where she gets whipped and sent away. Un RPG réaliste à la première personne qui vous amènera à voyager à travers l’Europe médiévale. I went straight for her without waiting a day, kicked out Henslin peacefully (while taking a look at his braies) and beat him up on the way to Sasau later, Try not to sass Pavel (although I urged him on giving the money to Monastery). I give Pavel's money to the good common in Sasau and give him his knife. FoxMcCloud FoxMcCloud. 1 Quests and journal 2 List of quests 2.1 Main quests 2.2 Side quests 2.3 Activities Throughout the game, people will often ask you to carry out various objectives. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Kingdom Come: Deliverance > General Discussions > Topic Details. You’ll get this from Hanush in Rattay. Few game days passed and I failed. kingdom-come-deliverance. In Kingdom Come Deliverance, fighting against the odds is a very bad idea. Talk with Katra about her talk with the inquisitor and convince her to accept to send thugs against Johanka, get to the jail cell by pickpocketing Inquisitor assistant for his letter. Talk to Sir Hanush in Rattay and he’ll tell you that he needs help with something. confronted Katra (swordsmith wife) about her sending thugs after Johanka. share | improve this question | follow | asked Jul 10 '18 at 15:38. My home town was attacked by foreign soldiers and many people slaughtered. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Jan of Osek, also known as "The Vicar" is an fictional character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.In the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, a Vicar, meaning "Vicarious", has the full power to act on behalf of his superior, Archbishop Zbignev. Pray on every shrine you pass and if done right Father Godwin will give you a book, read it, Talk to all the witness, confront Katra with piece of info you got from her thugs, get to the jail cell by pickpocketing Inquisitor for his letter instead of bribing guards (you can also talk to Custodian about getting a disguise but I didn't try this) dont forget about the dice from Matthias, Don't sass the Inquisitor. Tried my best for a good ending with regard to how my Henry usually solves problems. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Henry will have several opportunities to engage in courtship, romance, or hire the services of women of a certain Thanks to its depth, this RPG is a nice change to the current casual trend. Congratulations! But Sir Hanush is of a different opinion. Other games would have just considered killing the Vicar an auto fail. He thinks the Vicar has come here in order to snoop around his own estate. Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians side quest guide – How to find the Waldensian congregation and persuade Mistress Bauer to flee By James Billcliffe, Tuesday, 18 … bribed the thugs on the bridge to tell Henry who sent them, and passed a Speech test to drive them off. This quest is time-sensitive. That can usually be done in a number of different ways – eloquence will help you win friends, an inconspicuous person can totally avoid trouble and if you'd rather not beat around the bush, violence can also be a solution. You can find the letter in cabinet in his room "hard" lock I think it is. 106k. Also big thanks to Webdestroya from for helping me fix the markers code. Sasau should burn to the ground and I'm now going to plot to kill that swordsmiths wife. But I didn't tell anything about the bad events in the country. So i told the vicar, and he dealt with them. Kingdom Come: Deliverance > General Discussions > Topic Details. I just finished my fifthe play-through of "Madonna of Sasau". hard to please ^^. They can be found by looting enemies and containers, purchased from certain NPC's (particularly herbalists and bathhouses), or created at the alchemist's bench. Just talk to him in his house don't worry about it being private area. didn't use weapons when fist-fighting in the field. Here is more valuable information on this matter. Killing the guards will probably do nothing to change that, but I can try it. And what did you say in Johanka's defense at the end of the trial? r/kingdomcome: Kingdom Come: Deliverance. © Valve Corporation. Enter the house and meet Mrs Bauer (picture32). You need a high level of speech. They temporarily increase Henry's stats and skills, or reduce the stats and skills of enemies. u/Oxslow. Can anyone provide guidance as to how to obtain the "happy ending"? u/Yosinuke . I was hoping if you really screwed things up, she'd get burned at stake right away. 6. Spoilers. ... Must be, I failed it as well because my speech was not high enough to get the "good" ending so I was going to wait and level it up. So: a good standing with the inquisitor is important. 2 years ago. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Waldensians. In Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest called Waldensians Henry is requested by Sir Hanush to get rid of Vicar by helping him deal with heretics . In fact ludonarrative idssonance could be a problem in teh game itself if the player is allowed actions that doesn;t fit Henry's character. Off-topic/Politics. Let's hope my status as Sir Hanush's envoy will make the right impression on him. He needs your help to get rid of the Vicar of the Archbishop. A humble, young blacksmith loses everything to war. After you’ve listened to the Bauers pray, you can immediately tell the Vicar that they are heretics. Kingdom Come Deliverance - Waldensians - Get Rid of Vicar - Good Ending - posted in Nexus video-share: Kingdom Come Deliverance - Waldensians - Get Rid of Vicar - Good Ending Waldensians is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He thinks the Vicar has come here in order to snoop around his own estate. I rode on the horse. Flaming, Trolling or Harassment. A Short Guide to Acquire A House and Land. -I persuaded Pavel to give money to Monastery, gave him knife too. ... Waldensians" turns up in the middle of the screen. Got the bad ending. Members. when talking to Matthias you can invite him (togheter with Johanka) to Pribislavitz - if you have From the Ashes DLC. Here is what my Henry did to get the best ending: gave Ambrose the Tailor all his money back. Kingdom Come: Deliverance launch day bugs will have to wait around two weeks for consoles 11 Introduce Yourself 2 Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a launch trailer, but has a 23 GB day one patch 10 I'm really struggling to decide whether it's better to talk about how she helps people or that I believe her visions are real. The missions, "At your service my lady" and, "...Is a friend indeed" are not timed quests. Created Dec 22, 2013. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Website. Kingdom Come: Deliverance > General Discussions > Topic Details. When you offer the option to run away to Johanka, she refuses, saying she wants to defend herself and the Virgin Mary will help her. Henry can also learn to make these potions by reading recipes. Potions are consumable food items in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Leave your thoughts in the comments below If you’re going for 100% game completion, you may find the Kingdom Come Deliverance Trophy Guide & Roadmap helpful, too. The hamlet of Merhojed has been stricken by a mysterious scourge that first infected the animals and now the villagers. You’ll get this from Hanush in Rattay. That was enough to get the good ending without changing anything else. You can also talk to the Custodian about the mercenaries and if you haven't confronted him about the affair its perfect time to do so, When dealing with thugs on the bridge, bribe them into revealing their backer then shoo them away without scuffle, Don't use weapon during fistfight at the field, During walk of penitence wear the robe and go barefoot. 4. Kingdom Come Deliverance Waldensians side quest guide – How to find the Waldensian congregation and persuade Mistress Bauer to flee By James Billcliffe, Tuesday, 18 … I just did this yesterday. Fits my Henrys story anyway. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). They have been started quests in my journal for about 3 game weeks now and asking me to do the first step in the … The longsword of St. Michael, patron of soldiers and sentries, guardians of law and order and defenders. Also clean yourself some. Avoided the bandit camps. He thinks the Vicar has come here in order to snoop around his own estate. List of all Kingdom Come: Deliverance main storyline quests.-Name / Title Location Description; 1: Unexpected Visit: This is the first quest in the main storyline of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and it will be automatically added to your journal when you start a new game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Answered in FAQ. Johanka and Matthias are still at the Monastery, although they both said they'll have to leave after harvest. I tried to help the family after speaking with Godwin, but they were having none of it.

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