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Cook County public defenders want "vulnerable people" detained at the Cook County Jail released in an effort to "protect their health" during the coronavirus pandemic. Amid the coronavirus crisis, which has killed six jail detainees and infected nearly 500 as of Monday, the two charities have accelerated their efforts by funding the release of at least 200 defendants in recent weeks. Reporters then reviewed thousands of pages of police and court documents on those cases, and interviewed released defendants, victims and officials. A federal judge has rejected a call by advocates seeking the mass release of “medically vulnerable” detainees at the Cook County Jail to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “A lot of the people I helped were in jail for marijuana or for stealing food to eat,” he said. Learn more here. Chicago crime victims interviewed by the Tribune said they did not know that charitable organizations had paid to bond out the people accused of attacking them and others. “I think there’s a very clear difference between bailing out somebody charged with riding their bicycle on the sidewalk and bailing out somebody charged with an offense involving a gun, especially if they have prior convictions,” said Princeton University professor Peter Singer, who has written two books about the ethics of philanthropy. The Chicago Community Bond Fund provides referrals to other service agencies once a detainee is released, Grace said. That’s mind-blowing,” Batgerel said. FBI, IRS, state agencies launch task force as unemployment fraud soars. Since its founding in 2015, the Chicago Community Bond Fund has worked exclusively in Cook County and says it has paid about $1.8 million to post bond for more than 300 people. The Rev. The University of Chicago is studying the results of the program for eventual expansion and application in other jurisdictions. A year later, the garden’s land was expanded into 2 acres of “classroom” workspace for the horticultural program. TASC staff at the SRC conduct needs assessments and facilitate linkages to services in the community, including substance use treatment, mental health services, supportive housing, job training programs and legal aid resources. The Tribune reported in February that a major study commissioned by Evans to support the reforms had flaws that minimized the number of defendants charged with murder and other violent crimes while out on bail. Established in 2012, the chess program is believed to be the first of its kind nationally. Yesterday, Harold Graszer died after having contracted COVID-19 in Cook County Jail. Learn more here. Young pulled the trigger twice, but the gun misfired. But the IRS in 1976 ruled that it was acceptable for a tax-exempt nonprofit to pay bonds for people accused of crimes, as part of broad efforts to rehabilitate them. ... We absolutely don’t want to be re-creating some kind of supervision that they’re already under through the courts,” she said. Then 18, Buchanan had served time in juvenile detention for three separate aggravated batteries and a robbery. All Rights Reserved. A month after her death, someone broke into the home and stole her jewelry, according to police reports. In its 2019 year-end report, for example, the Chicago Community Bond Fund profiled four individuals it bailed out of Cook County Jail: a mother arrested while picking up her 8-year-old son at school, a young woman who was four months from completing her medical training, a father of 5-year-old twins who had a pacemaker and had undergone two triple-bypass heart surgeries, and a skilled tradesman arrested in front of his family. The goal of Sheriff’s Rehabilitative Programs is to prepare individuals for reintegration into our communities. With the number of COVID-19 cases in Chicago and Cook County on the rise, and in light of the current stay-at-home advisory for the City of Chicago, the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) is temporarily suspending in-person visits at the jail. Thousands of languishing vacant and abandoned properties with unpaid taxes harm Black neighborhoods and suburbs. Organizations interested in offering religious volunteer programs must submit an application and attend an annual volunteer training session. In June, the Cook County Jail was one of the first jails or prisons to re-instate in-person visitation, using an outdoor, socially distant setting in which all … Individual, group and family counseling assistance along with community referrals aim to enhance discharged detainees’ quality of life by improving their problem solving, decision making and coping skills. It was only in the past year that The Bail Project turned its focus to Chicago. Both say they have more than 90% success in helping released defendants abide by court orders and stay out of trouble. It houses adult male inmates (above 18 years of age) who are convicted for crimes which come under Illinois state law. Lugo is listed on the state’s sex offender registry as a “sexual predator,” and police and court records describe him as an admitted drug addict who repeatedly broke into people’s homes, even when they were present. Two months after the charity bailed him out, Buchanan was arrested after he allegedly indicated he had a gun while trying to steal a man’s PlayStation 4 Console. He did not respond to a letter sent to the prison seeking comment. While out on the charity-sponsored bail bond, Lugo was charged with breaking into a woman’s car in Berwyn. He is on probation. “Also, many of the charges sound much more concerning to the public than they are in reality, right?” Grace added. Individuals must demonstrate good behavior during their time in CCDOC custody in order to be considered for acceptance into the program. TOP STORIES Dr. Anthony Fauci … ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The State of Illinois has released a list of almost 4,000 inmates released from prisons, including 64 convicted of murder, as … “The camera caught him perfectly," said Gutierrez, who added that he was devastated because his wife’s necklaces and other jewelry had sentimental value to him. Participation in the SRC is voluntary, and interested participants are transported to the SRC by TASC staff, where they receive light food, clothing, and access to showers. Experts in charitable giving said philanthropies should be cautious and transparent when they undertake missions that could put communities at risk. The mission of the Cook County Sheriff’s Garden Program is to increase participants’ skillset by offering them a routine working environment and transforming destructive behavior into conscious life-enhancing decisions. Detainees learn to apply critical thinking skills, patience, impulse control, and positive pro-social interactions. Asked if there were types of defendants he will not bail out, he said: “Of course, that’s true. The groups are part of well-funded, nationwide efforts to eliminate cash bail as a condition of pretrial release and ensure poor people are not jailed for criminal charges simply because they cannot afford bond. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office that runs the jail says it doesn’t know who was released because of the coronavirus. We’re ready.’, Suburban police departments are being flooded with reports of fraudulent unemployment benefit claims: ‘It doesn’t make a lot of sense.’, Chicago-area CEO fired as companies grapple with how to respond to employee participation in US Capitol siege. “I can think of better things to do with your charitable dollar.". The group’s website refers to bail as “ransom money ... just a stopgap in an unjust and racist system.”. Detainees are given weekly chess lessons and participate regularly in chess tournaments. They assist detainees with legal research as it relates to their cases and with finding books they wish to read for literacy advancement, general interest, inspiration or leisure. J.B. Pritzker proposes quashing tax breaks for businesses as General Assembly returns to Springfield, [Most read] Suburban police departments are being flooded with reports of fraudulent unemployment benefit claims: ‘It doesn’t make a lot of sense.’, COVID-19 cases and deaths are surging again in Illinois prisons, as inmates and advocates call for more action, Violent crime rate doubles on CTA rail system, even with stepped-up police efforts and far fewer riders: ‘The people that are driving the crime never left the system’.

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