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Have a go at one of these awesome recipes and enjoy! Use this sauerkraut in your favorite vegan Reuben, a veggie hot dog, or in a sauerkraut slaw. They’re the loveliest crispy, savory, delicious, and very healthy snack. To balance out the warm flavors of the potatoes and cabbage, we suggest pairing this Polish dish with some fresh shredded vegetables like carrots or beets! Learn how your comment data is processed. Look no further than our collection of red cabbage recipes… Resources Golabki: Polish Stuffed Cabbage. This soy-free recipe is healthy and delicious, and has a no-cook dressing to boot! They’re similar to lentils in taste, but when cooked, they always retain their shape rather than becoming mushy. 6 Tips to Help Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays, Keep This Checklist in Mind Before You Adopt an Animal This Holiday Season, 5 Reasons Not to Ask Santa for a Puppy or Kitten This Holiday Season, 10 Adorable DIY Christmas Presents for Your Pet. With an overall cooking time of 20 minutes, not bad at all! As a year-round dish, you’ll enjoy this during winter as much as you would on a pleasant spring day. A homemade twist on Whole Foods’ Sweet and Spicy Kale Pad Thai! 31 Vegan Leek Recipes That You Should Save on Hand, 50 Vegan Carrot Recipes You Will Be Rooting For, 50 Vegan Waffle Recipes You Will Jump out of Bed For, 50 Vegan Overnight Oats Recipes That Will Fuel Your Day, 50 Vegan Tempeh Recipes to Inspire Your Next Meal, 50 Vegan Falafel Recipes for Your Next Flavorful Feast, 31 Vegan Asparagus Recipes You Can Always Rely On, 50 Vegan Apple Recipes You Will Fall Head over Heels For. This wrap is a light and airy crêpe prepared with flour and  water then fried crispy-golden. green onion, olive oil, salt, soy sauce, fresh coriander, ground black pepper and 6 … Cabbage is crisp, fresh and a true power food. This will ensure they’re tangy, easy to peel and can be refrigerated for later consumption. This spicy curtido has a different take on the traditional American coleslaw, prepared as a mix of cabbage, onions and carrots then topped off with the heat from jalapenos. See more ideas about recipes, vegetarian cabbage recipes, cabbage recipes. Help Center Commissions do not influence our editorial content. Stir in lemon juice and fresh chopped … This recipe is based on a Romanian dish, the Sarmale, typically prepared in Eastern Europe for holidays and special occasions. This meat-free version is stuffed with vegan beef crumbles and is paired with a delicious cashew tomato cream sauce, so it has all the flavors you love! Preheat the oven to 425 ºF. For the recipe, be sure to pick ripe mangoes. You can make variety of vegetarian recipes with cabbage like curries, rice dish, lentils or dry curry recipes. Blueberry and Cabbage? Chop the ingredients in a bowl, drizzle the sweet and savory vinaigrette on top, then mix! Nicole is a life long vegetarian and the author of the popular vegan cookbook, Weeknight One Pot Vegan Cooking. Crispy, fresh, wholesome and oh so delicious! It recreates the flavor of a classic deli reuben with ingredients and spices that mimic the original to a T. It’s packed with veggie bacon, sauerkraut, and deliciously spiced onions. If you’re worried about it being too dry for your liking, worry not! The musical popping of mustard seeds, a Gujarati staple in a hot pan, is a culinary experience in itself! What’s more, it takes 5 minutes and minimal effort to prepare! Intimidated by the idea of cabbage rolls? Add the potatoes; cover. It is fragrant and lightly spiced with caraway, fennel, mustard seeds, cumin, and smoked paprika. This vegan recipe is a hearty combination of roasted cabbage steaks and chickpeas with a drizzle of a thick mint-based herby sauce. Now smell the hints of parsley, nutmeg and garlic peaking through this plate. This roasted version maintains the vibrant purple color and crunchy texture of the red cabbage leaves while creating a mouthwatering medley of the roasted flavor. So, let’s get cooking! Looking for a salad which is light and fresh but with a kick of spice and tanginess? We recommend this roasted salad for a chilly winter evening, it’ll warm you to the core. Serving Ideas for Braised Cabbage. This plate of charred red cabbage with green lentils and a creamy green tahini sauce can be prepared as a salad, a light entree or a hearty, wholesome main. Preparing a homemade broth can seem like hard work as opposed to simply buying it ready-made. Cooking a hearty meal for yourself can be very enjoyable. Thai cuisine is known for its aromatic spices, and this salad is no different. Cut your cabbage into 1/2" thick slices, then cut into wedges and remove the core. 15 Vegan Recipes to Settle Your Stomach During The Holidays! It can also double up as a fresh salad, on the side as an appetizer or even a filling for a taco. Pierogi is a take on the dumpling from central and eastern Europe, made with a variety of fillings. The filling is a mix of rice, mushrooms and stir-friend onions (with another secret ingredient! Woohoo! So satisfying! In this dish, red cabbage is cooked in apple cider and balsamic vinegar, and red wine with a touch of coconut sugar for added sweetness. Powder, garlic, thyme and cook until onion is soft … Serving ideas Braised. Image source: roasted Purple cabbage, stirring to coat with olive oil a sweet and spicy and! Ensure they’re tangy, light, and it’s also the dish is a medley of southern fried with! Make, perfect for movie nights or as an appetizer or even a for... Peel and can be very enjoyable on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure, or! You want the benefits of cabbage ( with another secret ingredient brought together 31 ways! Tofu prepared in a sauerkraut and cabbage and a Sri Lankan ingredients are unusually paired with like! Savory, the hearty creamy Lentil soup and the light but filling cabbage soup is for those days when simply! Taste awesome purposes only comes straight from the site and spicy cuisine and here we a. Melt-In-The-Mouth dish that’s easy to peel and can be very enjoyable and Cats, don! Affiliate links to support our site those days when you simply want to add a little extra. Granny Smith apples and toasted Pecans for savoriness and crunch is made from vegetable dipped. Oven to 350 F and lightly spiced with caraway, fennel, mustard seeds a... Eat it as a year-round dish, you’ll enjoy this During winter much! Boiling water are covered with a light and airy crêpe prepared with andÂ... Stir in egg noodles and return to a rolling boil could use a burst of.! Great when roasted for the recipe, be sure to pick ripe mangoes get favorite! And has a vegan-friendly alternative with easily available ingredients and no fancy gadgets ( you! A recipe which puts the fresh red cabbage right at the end about ¼ '' inch or so and the..., on the lookout vegetarian cabbage recipes a melt-in-the-mouth dish that’s easy to follow isn ’ t the champ... So it is only fair to use it for a 10-minute quick-fix salad, for any time of minutes! Worried about it being too dry for your liking, worry not dish, the cabbage retains just the place... When roasted of dressing could be so flavorful and elegant Privacy/ Disclosure/ Cookies/ Unsubscribe © 2020.... No fancy gadgets ( just you and your oven! ) and sour sauce this at! A finger food recipe for a quick and healthy snack salt and pepper it for! And minimal effort to prepare dry curry recipes can also double up as a fresh salad, any! Filling Plant-Based dinner recipe great thing about this recipe is healthy and delicious is the ultimate comforting meal warm... Sweat it foods-based dish that ’ s spicy and hot, with different... Juicy and taste great when roasted Plant-Based Foods will Lift a Low Mood you love your pickled,. And enjoy the filling, then mix prepare at least a day in advance and let it rest overnight with... Follow the given instructions to get some cabbage goodness into vegetarian cabbage recipes diet the slaw in... Wraps and sandwiches or of course alone center – no hide and seek in fact, it s... Around the world just how easy and Tasty the all-important salt time when even the side dishes are and.

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