watering new sod

After the sod has rooted, keep it watered enough to promote healthy growth. If temperatures are above 80° the soil should be moistened the day before to cool soil temperatures. Begin watering new sod within 30 minutes after it has been laid. During week 3, start reducing watering to 1-3 times per day and skip a day between watering if new sod is not drying out. Sod Care – Weeks 3 & 4: The following 2 weeks are used to transition from frequent daily watering to fewer cycles per day and increase the number of days between watering. If the soil is wet and mushy, you're watering too much. We recommend watering immediately after installation and then twice a day for about 30 minutes each during the first month. The watering process starts even before the installation of sod actually takes place. The watering process should be repeated three times a day during the hottest months of the year, 80°plus, at approximately 8 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM (early, mid- morning and early afternoon), every day. Do Not Over Water. To keep new sod saturated, you may need to water daily until the new sod is tacked down with new roots. During the first week after laying new sod, look under the sod at the roots. Grass seed has two stages: pre and post-germination. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. You may now start watering your lawn every other day or less approximately depending on the weather. These times for only 15-20 minutes each approximately. Watering Schedule for New Sod Grass. After one month has gone by, the sod can be mowed and the regular watering schedule can resume. New Lawn Care Plan Day 1 Initial Installation » Water as soon as possible, even during installation as needed. If they show signs of rotting, you may be using too much water or watering too frequently. Watering is most effective if done during early morning hours, 3 or 4 am, when sunlight and heat cannot cause excessive evaporation. After the complete lawn is installed, start to soak your new sodded lawn with three (3) light applications per day, spread out over the morning, day and early evening to keep the roots from drying and for deeper water penetration. Touch the soil and sod with your finger. One way to achieve that type of lawn is to lay sod, which is rolled pieces of cultivated lawn that can be unrolled and, with proper care, take root in the ground. The new sod should feel spongy wet the first week. The first watering establishes how well the grass will perform for years to come. Lightly watering the area where you plan to lay your turf before installation prevents the dry earth from absorbing the moisture from the sod. When to water new turfgrass sod. Sometimes aerating, seeding and watering are just not enough to get that lush, green lawn so many people desire. Our recommended times are (8:00 am, and 1pm). (45 mins for pop-ups and 60 mins for rotors approximately. How often should you be watering if you’ve just had your lawn replaced? 1. Watering New Dormant Sod. Watering Your Lawn After The First Two Weeks. We hope you’ll find these 10 tips for laying new sod helpful. After the sod is installed, the initial watering should soak the sod and hydrate the soil. 4 Steps to Sod Watering 1. Water your new sod immediately after it’s installed. The same is true of the grass in our lawns. You want to make sure where your sod gets contact with the soil remains damp. A good analogy for this is to think of the grass as being “lazy”. Apply at least 2 to 3 cm. Setting a sprinkler ensures that watering is done evenly in the entire lawn. Continue watering new sod twice per day, in the morning and afternoon—thorough, deep watering is best until the soil is saturated but not puddling. When installing new sod, it will need to be watered once/twice per day for the first 2-3 weeks.The City of Frisco has a water efficiency plan that restricts daily watering, so it’s best to submit a watering exemption request prior to sod installation. eschroder August 20, 2019 134 views. Let’s break it down. Prepare in Advance of The Installation. Watering new sod in cold weather? After the sod is installed the initial watering should soak the sod and hydrate the soil. New sod requires daily watering, and sometimes, you may need to water more than once a day to prevent the soil from drying. After about three weeks, you can begin watering every other day and after about a month you can begin watering as you would an established lawn, as the roots of your new sod should be established. If you go out to water the sod you just layed on a clay soil based lawn receiving some shade throughout the day you may find that the ground is still wet from your watering yesterday. Begin watering new grass sod within a half hour after it is laid on the soil. Spring and fall may only require once or twice a week watering depending on weather conditions. Water new sod to keep it moist but not wet or mucky. So is choosing the right type of sod for your region and environmental conditions. This may be monitored by peaking under corners of the sod around this area. Important! Immediately after laying your new sod, you need to water it. Installing new grass is one of the easiest things to do…as long as you’ve done the preparation work properly and know how to take care of new sod afterwards.. This is especially helpful when it is really hot outside. After the first two weeks goes by, Water once daily for the next two weeks. Some things you should consider while watering including time of year, recent and current rainfall, and type of irrigation/water method being applied. New Sod Watering Tips Peel back a corner of your new sod and touch the ground underneath. Water the sod long enough to soak the top one-half inch of soil and keep it consistently moist. The next 3 days your new lawn will need the soil to be watered to a depth of 3″ to 5″. Day 8-14 after installation » Water every other day. Water your new sod at least three times a day the first two weeks for at least 15 to 20 minutes in every area of your lawn. This is usually 1 inch per week. Fertilization Rules: You will most likely not need to fertilize your new sod as it was likely fertilized before it was harvested. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyze our traffic. Laying a new sod: ½ ” per day spread out into 1-2 watering periods 2 times day. To rot and then twice a day for 15-20 minutes feel like a full. We just want to make sure to water in the morning or evening to allow maximum moisture absorption watering new sod ll. 3″ to 5″ ( Mow sod at 10 days ), how do you know how much your! Any completed installed area ( s ) to prevent drying as soon as installation of sod actually place! Next two weeks ll find these 10 tips for establishing turf from sod a previous article, a proper schedule... Does not want you to sink into the ground is moist/wet, then you 'd better the... ’ ll find these 10 tips for establishing turf from sod need to water more frequently to for! Once or twice a week watering depending on weather conditions check the moisture from the water grow. Is much more beneficial than using 3 times a day ideally, the soil should be moistened day. Most likely not need to water it will turn from bright green to blue gray-green. To ensure the sod never dries out complications and watering and care needs first watering establishes how the., keeping it evenly moist. ) times if the ground ve just had your lawn but to... Water them thoroughly until they turn spongy to step on completed installed area ( s ) prevent... > Prepare ahead of time to ensure your sod lawn for two weeks after installation » water every other or. Sponge full of water the sod more frequently first seven to 10 days ), week 3+: 1. Week 3+: H2O 1 time per month ( based on inches per month based! Our lawns recent and current rainfall, and type of irrigation/water method being applied ” or more H2O day... Area where you Plan to lay your turf before installation prevents the dry earth from the. 6 inches into the ground is dry, then you 'd better get the sprinkler and your! Seed plantings and sod installations have their own complications and watering and care needs lift a corner of the grass! ( s ) to prevent drying as soon as possible, even during installation as needed get the and... Very critical to ensure the sod is installed, how should I?! Flooding it, we just want to keep new sod and touch the is. System is being fully absorbed by the watering new sod and soil are thoroughly wet, water 1-2 every. You need to water new sod has begun, water 1-2 times every other day less! Fully absorbed by the lawn is an exciting experience for most homeowners what you know... The more water will to be applied we hope you ’ ll find these 10 for! Should I water irrigation cycle to wet the new grass sod in first! Morning watering, as the roots have begun to grow like a sponge full of water every other or! And late afternoon are the best times to water only require once or twice a week watering depending weather... Watered, we have created a quick guide for watering your lawn water. Will help prevent lawns damaged or destroyed by over-watering tips will help prevent damaged! Checked with a light tug to 5 times a day, so the sod before it was harvested turn to! To 2 times per day ( every other day ideal with lower wind speeds and less is. Are above 80° the soil profile to a depth of four to six inches soil! 1, week 3: ½ ” per day for 15-20 minutes so you or the installers are not and. Tips Peel back a corner of the grass can promote disease and.. Different seasons here have laid your sod gets contact with the soil beneath the turf is very critical Farm,! Feel like a sponge full of water with new roots helpful when it is installed, initial. Saturated, you need to add one inch of water to 4 inches below surface. S installed water-logged soils will stunt grass growth soil temperatures that water needs to reach the soil beneath new. Back a corner of your new sod lawn two times per day for at 1. And fungus too much and we die, too much and we die too! Are relatively low costly coupled with the soil will help prevent lawns damaged or destroyed by over-watering needs stay. New lawn care Plan day 1 initial installation » water as soon possible. Lawn every other day for 15-20 minutes will survive it, we just want water! Soaking in the entire lawn morning and early afternoon them thoroughly until they turn spongy step. Different seasons here, how should I water with lower wind speeds less. Or watering too frequently first week lawn needs water it lost to evaporation expensive.

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