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If you are using a brand new chalkboard – season it first. Wait one hour and then apply another even layer of chalkboard paint, this time in a vertical direction. Wipe the board with the damp cloth until the remaining marks disappear. Erase with a standard felt eraser. 2. They start to get a little dingy and scratched, and a little hard to draw on after a while. Many latex chalkboard paints will dry to the touch in 30 minutes. Allow the paint to cure for a full 24 hours. NEW STAIN RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY: Our magnetic black board easily wipes away ink from the included chalk markers without staining or ghosting of the residue. (Ideal for projection as well as a whiteboard use. If this is your first time here, you’re going to find tons of simple and easy recipes, home decor, and so much more around here!Start HERE!. This will keep the board flat against the wall, as well as more secure. Avoid using paper towels, since they may leave behind lint. One of my newest favorite {well, at least in the last few years} is with Chalk Ink Markers. For those not familiar seasoning a chalkboard simply involves rubbing the flat side of chalk on a new board till the tiny holes are storages with chalk then erasing. Use 99% or 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for the best results. I’m so glad that you’re here. And then you’ll need some paints. New and old chalkboards can be improved with this step. You place your chalk on it’s side, and chalk the entire surface to prevent ghosting (a design that imprints and will not … First, I didn’t know that chalkboard paint came in different colours. It leaves that awful white ghosting. Transform a piece of wood into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint. Apparently when you write on it & want to erase after that it works great & doesn’t leave ghost marks. 1. I painted a chalkboard using a quality paint for a satin finish. A second coat can be applied after two hours. Watch our UPDATED video here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ag_LVdMdk1wInterested in resurfacing your whiteboard or chalkboard with a whiteboard film? Make a reminder message board for the kitchen or home office. It was a little rough so I sanded it with fine grit sandpaper. Repeat this process several times. Dry the board with a clean, dry cloth. This is my first bold stroke of black. Once paint is completely dry, you need to “SEASON” or “PRIME” the chalkboard. But enough about the kitchen renovation.I came up with a new solution for making the wall smooth enough for a chalkboard! I have made (painted) myself a few different chalkboards with chalkboard paint, but I have always had a problem with the chalk ghosting the image of my writing onto the background. To season a chalkboard: Use a full piece of chalk and run it on its side over the entire surface of the chalkboard. When the glue is dry, apply a thin, even coat of clear chalkboard paint in a horizontal direction over the top of the placemat. Prep the chalkboard surface to restore it. This one would be darling in a little guys room! If that doesn’t work, a light sanding and another coat may be required. This will help lessen “ghosting”. Thank you - this worked fantastically to eliminate the ghosting! I could totally see it after I erased my board and I wasn't sure what to do about it. Chalkboard paint comes in green or black colors and the final product works just like a slate chalkboard. Click to see full answer Herein, can you fix a dry erase board? Well, guess what? Working in small areas at a time and eliminating roller ridge as you go, roll small quantities of paint onto the wall in an up-and-down "W" motion (Image 2).

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