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8 K.1 Er war kein guter Diplomat, sondern eher ein … I’ve played Dark Angels for quite a long while and I came up with a theory: Lion El’Jonson is still active in the galaxy. Khorne anger, Nurgle depair, etc. Lion El'Jonson, often times referred to as the Lion during his lifetime, was the Primarch of the I Legion of Space Marines, the Dark Angels. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Durant les siècles que durèrent l'assemblage et le raffinement du matériel génétique qui devait servir à la création des primarques; le 'Grand oeuvre' de l'Empereur fut découvert par les Dieux Sombres. A large number of the Fallen have become true Chaos Space Marines, but many others realise that their actions during the fall of Caliban were questionable. He became the primarch's … But, I gotta poke holes in this. He finally came to rest on the world Caliban, a beautiful but blighted world tainted by Chaos due to its proximity to the Eye of Terror. Luther gave him his name, Lion El'Jonson, and quickly recognized the growing boy's talents as a master of war. The Beasts of Caliban: Tyranids remind the Lion of the great beast hunts on his home world of Caliban. The Ravenwing banner has a the sword wielding robed angel stabbing a daemonic snake. Each of the 20 proto legions were led by a general analogue called a Primarch. LION EL'JONSON VS KONRAD CURZE - Warhammer 40k - Duration: 26:46. I speak of Cypher. This could just be a tale. Post-Heresy the Dark Angels picked up a few curious new motifs., r/grandorder - EoR3 Final Fight Translation. Any combat between them would have her taking the initiative and controlling the tempo, which is a problem for the Lion but he does have options. It was too little, precious seconds too late. It sounds dumb now, but please read on. the recently released Codex: DA indicated he is still sleeping as of current 40k soooo..... Yeah, this wild junk popped in my head before the 8e book. Servants aren't made of Magic, that's one common mistake people make so that doesn't matter. Lion El'Jonson return It seems very likely that after Roboute the next Primarch to return would be Lion El'Jonson considering that the fallen Dark Angels have a comeback and that Cypher has a "particularly interesting sword" on his back. The Lion and 1st Legion are really well handled, and I think Guymer absolutely nailed it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. But others, like Roboute Guilliman, Jaghatai Khan and Rogal Dorn had simply taken it in their stride, accepting the Emperor’s decree as the right and obvious choice. In the knightly order which called the Lion a member, this talent was not to be forgotten or under-utilized, and alongside his mentor and friend Luther, the Lion would quickly ascend to the rank of Grand … The more likely possibility is that the Lion ends up in a sort of Legion of the Damned, Living Saint kind of deal. JavaScript is disabled. Luther, also known as the "Arch-betrayer," was once an acclaimed knight of a monastic brotherhood of techno-medieval knights known simply as The Order, who discovered the young and wild Primarch Lion El'Jonson living in the forests upon the Death World of Caliban in the late 30th Millennium. She certainly does move fast. if lion el' jonson would return, that would be the coolest thing ever. Killing is a bit extreme, but if Nemiel was going to go … Lion El’Jonson, also known as The Lion and The First, is the Primarch of the Dark Angels. Indeed, even amongst their own Chapter, only the Company Masters and most distinguishe… One has all Zabanyas and the other literally doesn't exist till he does and can somehow induce heart attacks. The new Lion El’Jonson model is every inch the perfect embodiment of the questing knight. The draw instantly became an attack, a horizontal stroke that carved through the Manev thing from shoulder to shoulder. I know much of it is true, but when I see things being said like the Lion Sword being forged on Terra I know it has to be false since both the Lion and Zahariel had theirs forged from the teeth of Cali… The biggest secret could be hidden in plain sight. They keep most of the chapter’s true history hidden behind tales and parables spoon fed to junior members. Similar to Ghostly Ferrus defending Terra in the etherium. I think he made a decent call. The Lion was granted command of the 4th Expeditionary Fleet of the Great Crusade in orbit of the planet Sarosh. To ensure their proud traditions were maintained, the ruling Masters secretly selected a single member to become the Lord Cypher. His Legion, pre-eminent for most of their long history, typify the virtues of temperance, pride, and martial excellency that the Lion embodies. The Changeling, while it was skulking about on the Rock, practically shat itself the moment it ran into one, which just raises the question of what the fuck are these things and how can they scare Daemons. He is coming closer all the time." ...and what is when The Lion is Alpharius?! Speaking of vengeance.... the broken sword of the Deathwing. If the Primarchs are “greater daemons” of the Emperor, perhaps a winged “Angel of Vengeance” was the real reason. Feel free to ask any questions and I will reply as best I can! Knowing or not, the torture and repentance of Fallen could in fact be a catalyst for powering up a sleeping Daemon Primarch. Theory, that the story of the deathwing (with the genestealer cult) is a parabole told to Dark Angels initiates to ease them into the truth the day they are induced in the Inner Circle and the Fallen are revealed to them. Others, claiming that the Lion himself was Chaos-tainted and that Luther was the true loyali… To outsiders, this is an insurmountable quest, for the Dark Angels Chapter hides its secrets well, masking all activities in a shroud of ritual and clandestine operations. Official lore and fan fluff are welcomed. Luther used his oratory skills to convince many of the Grand Masters of other monasteries to join th… Les Puissances de la Ruine conjuguèrent leur forces et parvinrent à s'emparer. It's highly debatable that Lion could go toe-to-toe with Musashi, as she even faced off against the Seven Legendary Blade Masters, which were Heroic Spirits (Servants), and won. The article has been edited so it’s 1 step away from dark angel fapfiction, what was wrong with with the old one that presented both opinions? In one Hand he carries hope, in the other despair. He finally came to rest on the world Caliban, a beautiful but blighted world tainted by Chaos due to its proximity to the Eye of Terror. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As I've said before, Nazgûl Lion would be quite a twist-- there's no telling if he's going to come back completely sane or unchanged once he wakes up. The dark secret behind the Dark Angels' millennia-old shame is difficult to penetrate. Raised on a Chaos-tainted deathworld near the Eye. This is the defeat of Luther the Snake of Caliban. If we go with high-calc, does that mean we're allowed to go with the scaling too? The instability (both physical, genetic, and mental) of the thunder … This robed angel is now taking the place of the Lion? For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe they had help. He was scattered along with the other Primarchs to the far corners of the galaxy. Unlike the later leaders of the Legiones Astartes, the thunder warrior Primarchs were the same as the troops they led and were hand picked by the Emperor for their skill and command ability. 1. – Luther, the Dark Oracle "Cipher: a secret or disguised way of writing; a code. " i meant in the case that any of those Servants that populate Iskandar’s Noble Phantasm have spellcasting abilities, those abilities might get flattened out when used against the Lion. The captain rippled as the Lion … via our sitersite Lexicanum Lion El’Jonson, also known as The Lion, is the Primarch of the Dark Angels. It’s similar to a Watcher, who Lion was known to converse with, but Watchers never have wings, nor wield weapons. How about ushiwakamaru she's got decent physical ability and a noble phantasm that's not super crazy. Certainly taking on Iskandar (Rider) from Fate:Zero would be a challenge, especially when Iskandar uses his Noble Phantasm, but as long as the Lion focuses on just getting to Iskandar he should be able to defeat the King of Conquerors. "He weaves in and out of my vision- I see one who is many. Instead, they just followed the orders of Luther to fire on the returning Dark Angels fleet. Who broke that again? Sorry, rereading my post. They took its cast off pinions as tokens and repainted their armor white, the color of purity and sins washed away. The Deathwing claim that feathers and the white paint job are in honor of a squad of terminators who saved an entire recruitment world from Genestealer infestation. Recognised now as the Primarch of the newly christened 'Dark Angels' Space Marines, Lion El'Jonson ordered that all members of the Order undergo selec… Just sayin’. Do we have any real information on how these Servants would fight? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for the lore and stories encompassing the dark future of the 41st millennium. No Pegasus doesn't work just against magic. The Lion benefits from his overall tanky-ness in this scenario and his ability to dispel/weaken magical attacks sent against him. - … A few, like Leman Russ and Lion El'Jonson, had been cynically resolved, unsurprised by the turn of events. p.s. They fought a planet’s worth of Stealer Cult? They're not likely to be allied with Norsca, let alone the Skaven. He is comatose/hiding, but can manifest as daemon-like Angel of Vengeance. The Lion drew his sword, twisting as he did so to quicken its draw, depressing the activation rune the moment the blade's tip was a disruption field's width from the sheath. Living saint is a much better term. (The Lion should be able to push through the lightning blasts and Bucefalus, and in melee combat i would give it to the Lion for sure.). His reaction speed is pretty damn impressive for someone so bulky and he should be able to keep up: A second later Manev's full platoon opened fire. Cypher is as elusive as Ro… Check out Lion El'Jonson's Events Checklist from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Daemons grow stronger with their creating emotion. Lion El'Jonson war ein strategisches Genie. You must log in or register to reply here. Bellerophon is Rider's noble phantasm. How much of this recent "massive" update is actually fan-fic versus official? 1. – Dictionary Given the above citation, it is unlikely that GW ever wants to pull down their own pants. Cependant, malgré leur puissance combinée, ils échouèrent à les détruire. Isn’t it also possible then that the codex isn’t being honest with the reader at times? First, the Fallen Dark Angels aren't really fallen to chaos. The two opponents were equally matched, for Luther had been enhanced by the dark gods of Chaos (He had become a Psyker of such power even the combined might of the watchers could not restrain him). Upon taking the title, the Lord Cypher renounced his own … So if the Lion becomes a Daemon Primarch, the Watchers won't be his caretakers any longer. It mentions how it can be difficult to describe the Emperor and each Primarch has … He was scattered along with the other Primarchs to the far corners of the galaxy. Did they? Er besaß ein überragendes Talent dafür, Kräfteverhältnisse in Konflikten zu beurteilen und so den zukünftigen Verlauf eines Krieges vorherzusagen. The Primarch also comes with the option to be assembled with or without his helmet. my DA record is 0-893-1, … The Dark Angels stand first amongst the Space Marine Chapters, as they have done since their very inception as the I Legion of the bygone Space Marine Legions. Not all of them have succumbed to the powers of Chaos, although every Psyker captured by the Dark Angels has been so far. Er galt zusammen mit Horus als einer der beiden besten Generäle des Imperiums . Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Cookies help us deliver our Services. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Obviously Lion falling in the destruction of Caliban, but why is he depicted with wings? So it starts like this: What are the Dark Angels’ themes? Lion El’Jonson has already returned (a wild fan-theory) Please forgive me if this has been suggested before. It's a pipe dream unless GW lets FatShark completely break established lore, and that is NOT something GW tends to let others do with the licence. Lion is taller than Rowboat. There are several different types of Fallen. Secrets, Paranoia, and Vengeance. Cypher itself was originally a title within the Order of Caliban. When the Adeptus Astartes First Legion arrived on Caliban, Zahariel's destiny changed. Hanging around Watchers and a sentient warp-engine (faeries and Merlin to his Arthur). I dunno, it's still pretty cool to think about. And lets face it, letting anyone in the Imperium know you or your boss is a winged warp wraith is a great way to get purged. I'm not sure about that. i mean, finally the dark angels could win a game (don't worry guys i play DA too) no seriously, i'm sure that it would be greatly appreciated if he would return, as he would be lighting up Fallen A$$ and chaos everywhere. He is clad in the finest armour available and covered in the iconography of the Dark Angels. Vs all tyranid Models Lion El 'Johnson gains +2 WS. Few Imperial records of its beginnings still exist, nor are there many menti… Following the events of the Horus Heresy, Jonson and his Crusading fleet returned to his homeworld of Caliban. The section on his connection to the warp was meant as a tie to the “magic” of his inspiration and transcending a physical form. Here's why I think that Cypher, the Fallen Angel, is really Lion El 'Jonson. They are a proud Chapter, with traditions and rituals that date back to the earliest days of the Imperium of Man. The origins of the Dark Angels Chapter remain shrouded in mystery. It's a Pegasus that has both high attack and defense, which protects from both magic and physical attack the same. Betrayed by his Sons (Fallen/Mordred) and taken to a mysterious location by Magical Allies, (Watchers in the Dark/ Merlin Lady in the Lake) and destined to return when his homeland needs him most. When the Order's ranks had swelled with new recruits, Jonson and Luther petitioned for a crusade against the terrible Beasts which lived within the forest. I think we could drop the Excalibur stuff now, it is highly possible that the Lion may not get through Artoria. Besides, we have plenty of other Servants Saber to debate with. This impeccable fighter even has a choice of which weapon he … The Saroshi had recently expressed their interest in becoming part of the Imperium, and the Imperials were eager to allow them in, belie… There are several Servants in Ionian Hetairoi that outstat Iskandar, and the Lion would also start at a terrible tactical disadvantage. While not a psyker, Lion had a strong connection to the warp. Please forgive me if this has been suggested before. Six months after his ascension to Knight of the Order, Zahariel once again faced the challenge of becoming something greater and achieving a more heroic purpose. They are His Dark Angels. Cypher is too small. The Dark Angels ship in Space Hulk: Deathwing depicts yet another winged figure who resembles the Lion, too. Lion doesn’t forgive, he gets even. Perhaps Cypher was trying to escape Lion’s vengeance by asking the Emperor’s forgiveness on Terra? 26:46. Who is the Best Primarch with a Sword? Ones that are not present in the Old Scheme. The novel opens up discussing how the Lion has never seen the Emperor's face. Awe Inspiring: Just being on the battlefield with the great Lion El 'Johnson inspires the dark angels to fight even harder. Even then, FatShark … The Lion, knowing that Psykers were essential to dealing with the Chaos threat, probably made the call based on the fact he assumed they'd be overrun/destroyed by the Chaos threat if they imprisoned/executed all Psykers. Wolf Lord Rho 78,857 views. Oh well, I’m probably wrong, but it’s neat to hear another version of the truth. Horus had ever been the brightest, the first and the favourite. Ils dispersèrent alors les précieux incubateurs à travers l… Lion El'Jonson. I feel True and Zealot from FSF would be moderate threats. Lastly, Caliban’s fate in a warp-cataclysm. I’ve played Dark Angels for quite a long while and I came up with a theory: Lion El’Jonson is still active in the galaxy. They are the Emperor’s last line and final sanction. I was hoping. May 17, 2019 @ 10:02am Vampires are not Chaos aligned. Lion El’Jonson- King Arthur: legendary ruler and leader of an order of Knights. Lion El'Jonson led an assault on the greatest of the monasteries knowing that this was where he would find Luther. Well, aside from Gramp who just straight up stomp, I am quite certain none of the Hassan could post as an extreme threat toward the Lion anyway. Inexplicably, they were fired upon by the Dark Angel forces garrisoned … They tend to rally around Cypher and, supposedly, Cypher is making his way to Terra to obtain … I see they who will test the Unforgiven. I’ve seen the Assassin Massacre in the Fate: Zero anime but that didn’t help a lot as the Assassins were basically just standing there getting shot. If it turned out Cypher was acting on the Lion's orders this whole time it'd be pretty dope. The main problem is the nature of the Watchers themselves as anti-Chaos insurance, opposing the Ruinous Powers directly through the Cabal (hence their presence on Caliban) and are able to nullify the psychic powers and the presence of the Warp. Then Lion as a daemonic manifestation would be revenge. ! The Primarchs began as a continuation of the Emperor’s Thunder Warrior legions. They would directly oppose him and either side with any Dark Angels who don't immediately turn traitor or, in the worst case scenario, abandon the Rock entirely. Any squad Lion El 'Johnson is Didn’t mean to suggest that he had become a literal daemon of Chaos. Examples: The Deathwing banner depicts a winged figure cast down by a shattering mountain. Same goes for Greenskins. 95 votes and 46 comments so far on Reddit. Lion El’Jonson is the paragon of what it is to be a primarch. Gulliman. The “robed-angel-with-sword” is never featured in any pre-heresy Dark Angel motifs that I can recall.

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