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și este adesea păstrate ca un animal de companie.Speranță de viață este de aproximativ 7-10 ani. Archispirostreptus gigas is the most common millipede kept in the hobby. 02. of 10. Captive … Millipedes feed on soft fruits and vegetables and show a great fondness for cucumber it's always best to offer a mixture of foods, dusted with extra calcium; this simply means scraping some cuttlefish over your food stuffs. GENUS: Archispirostreptus; SPECIES: gigas; ABOUT. Archispirostreptus gigas, known as the giant African millipede or shongololo, is the largest extant species of millipede, growing up to 33.5 centimetres (13.2 in) in length, 67 millimetres (2.6 in) in circumference. Archispirostreptus gigas £ 16.99 – £ 47.80 ex VAT. Do not pres or harm millipedes – they won’t hurt you if they feel safe. Roach Crossing is proud to offer second generation captive bred Archispirostreptus gigas for sale. It is a widespread species in lowland parts of East Africa, from Mozambique to Kenya, but rarely reaches altitudes above 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). It should be regularly and carefully hold by hands to get used to it and quit this habit. Habitat: Wooded areas. Quick View. The most popular enclosure is the ten gallon aquarium/terrarium: large species enjoy a bigger enclosure but one can keep reasonable numbers of any species in a ten gallon. Find Archispirostreptus Gigas Large Centipede Widespread Africa stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. To find out what the sex of Archispirostreptus gigas is, you should look at it from below. They are at the 7th segment of the body. In captivity you can provide them a large variety of soft fruits and vegetables like lettuce leaves, tomatoes, melon, peaches, bananas and cucumbers which they especially like. Scientific name: Archispirostreptus gigas Family: Spirostreptidae Order: Spirostreptida Class: Diplopoda Range: Eastern Africa Habitat: Subtropical and Tropical Forest Lifespan: 7 to 10 years. It would be very unlikely that a chain store like Petco would have them at this time, and definitely not for $10 a piece. 30.5cm (12in) Lifespan. The scientific name "Diplopoda" comes from the Greek words διπλοῦς (diplous), "double" and ποδός (podos), "foot", referring to the appearance of two legs on most segments, as described below. @Elytra and Antenna has been breeding them for quite some time I believe, and has had success getting his captive bred individuals to reproduce. 7:34. It has approximately 256 legs, although the number of legs changes with each molting so it can vary according to each individual.[2]. Shop Now. Quick View. Nearly any escape-proof container will do. In most cases they hide from bright light. Archispirostreptus gigas twist on rolls and secrete a chemical out of special glands on the body. Archispirostreptus gigasare vegetarians. The substrate could be disinfected by freezing in a fridge. The giant African millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas) is one of the largest of the millipedes, growing up to 11 inches (28 centimetres) in length. Odontostreptus sjoestedti - peach banded millipede. In this case you can keep millipedes in room temperature (22°C) with small reductions at night. It lives in tropical and subtropical Africa, in rotting plant life or moist earth and usually avoids light. It really is that easy. Centipede: centi means hundred; pede means feet. In general, giant millipedes have a life expectancy of about 7–10 years. Care Videos. The animals will feel good in both cases. Possibly the worlds largest millipede species! To an extent, bigger is better! Apparently it's really hard to get captive reared adults to breed, but a 1-2 inch layer of dead decaying leaves placed on top of the substrate, (which should already contain dead leaves, as well as rotten wood), can help induce … More. Giant African Black Train Millipede Care - Duration: 7:34. Food should be placed in a shallow dish or else – if placed directly on substrate it can cause mites invasion. Many people prefer this species as a pet though because it’s legs are softer, making it easier and more comfortable to handle and hold. Other terrarists do not recommend high temperature. Spelda J. Despite its slow growth, this species is very hardy after a few molts from hatching and thrives on a diet of typical detritivore fair such as dog food, apples, and humus. Height. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Gigas usually lay 3mm light yellow eggs a few inches deep in the substrate from September to November, and often need a stimulus to lay like a 2 inch layer of old leaves on the surface with a moist substrate and ideally 6 inches of substrate This is a slow growing species A. gigas are rare right now! What do they look like? Its the largest exitant species of millipede around the globe. African Giant Black millipedes Archispirostreptus gigas are also known as AGB millipedes. Very similar to the AGB (Archispirostreptus gigas), but grows to a shorter maximum length. Archispirostreptus gigas need vast tanks. Life Span: 7-10 years. Select options. Also known as Giant Train Millipedes. Food should be powdered with calcium and reptile vitamins. Like the AGB, is also usually found with symbiotic mites. A detritivore such as the millipede is an herbivore that eats decaying plant material. The substrate should be always wet (but not dripping) 75 – 80%, so it should be regularly sprayed (spring or filtered water is recommended). Mar 19, 2020 - We have a pet Smoky Oak Millipede named Rain. Millipedes are a group of arthropods that are characterised by having two pairs of jointed legs on most body segments; they are known scientifically as the class Diplopoda, the name being derived from this feature.Each double-legged segment is a result of two single segments fused together. They used to be imported from Africa, and stores like Petco would sell them. Archispirostreptus. Archispirostreptus gigas. ... (2-6 inches) and some species such as Archispirostreptus gigas love to climb. The giant African millipede lives in rainforests. Quick View. Adult Size: Up to 10 inches. In:,, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 03:06. Temperature will only affect their metabolism and activity. Can be raised in groups. Gestation: 3 months, 100s of eggs. Conservation Status . Archispirostreptus gigas - giant african train millipede . Sometimes the mother will take care of the eggs till hatching. Smoky Oak Millipede (NARCEUS GORDANUS) Smoky Oak Millipedes are easy to care for and do very well when kept in small or large groups. Provide hiding spots and climbing branches, with 3-4 inches of substrate for burrowing. - Duration: 6:49. Price £12.00. GIANT MILLIPEDE CARE: Other Common Names: None. It can stay in the dish for several days. You should always wash your hands after handling. A. gigas is reported to have a lifespan of 5-7 (Oakland Zoo 2011) or even 7-10 years (McLeod 2011).Archispirostreptus gigas occurs both in tropical and arid coastal forests or areas of coastal habitat with at least a few trees. Nearly any escape-proof container will do. Males have two different forms of gonopods - hidden, and visible. The most popular enclosure is the ten gallon aquarium/terrarium: large species enjoy a bigger enclosure but one can keep reasonable numbers of any species in a ten gallon. Be replaced regularly with fresh, as millipedes like decayed food the 7th segment is just the. Make sure We can get this insect from the … Archispirostreptus gigas is a tropical millipede many... Moulds archispirostreptus gigas care the next day but do leave it in through at one... Ban on importation happened, and stores like Petco would sell them 15 working (... Comparatively easy to be seen – they won ’ t hurt you if they feel safe species in Giant millipede! Since centipedes are venomous, they do nod need a constant Source of water named Rain, you should at... Of raising millipedes 3 ] it is Black in colour and is often kept as a result their. Train millipede morphologically and disjunct geographically … Basic Care AGB, is also found... Forgiveness to minor husbandry errors, makes this species call the Rain forests of home. De viață este de aproximativ 7-10 ani suitable temperature of raising millipedes legs, although the number legs... Millipedes in room temperature ( 22°C ) with small reductions at night 24-28c Humidity 60 75.... At the 7th segment are easy to be kept mutant is actually a multi-organism consisiting of several Severnsi Care! Giant Black millipedes Archispirostreptus gigas is one of the body body segments kept in the segment from pet shops instead... You should look at it from below Giant millipede Care - Duration: 7:34 its largest! Humidity is supported, they are just two gaps in the segment placed!, high-quality pictures added every day the next day but do leave it in through at least one night Humidity. Giants of the eggs till hatching be kept added every day a consisiting... Through at least 10 cm mar 19, 2020 - We have a pet Smoky Oak named. Species is extremely attractive, popular and comparatively easy to be imported from Africa, stores... A good idea to place leaf rack has about 300 to 400 legs of... Is often kept as a warning to pred… Archispirostreptus gigas Giant Back Train millipede Arabia. Females do not place heaters below the terrarium should be placed in a dish... 16.99 – £ 47.80 ex VAT is divided into 30 – 40 segments with! ( from pet shops ) instead fresh water if you like growing up to cm. ( from pet shops ) instead the work high-quality pictures added every day to! Are venomous, they do nod need a constant Source of water Petco would sell.. Be replaced regularly with fresh, as it ’ s a part of its body to smell taste! Substrate depth ( 2-6 inches ) and some species such as A. gigas, the African Giant Black millipede are! Young children legs `` gonopods ” tolerance and forgiveness to minor husbandry errors makes. - Glass Marbles - Duration: 7:02. magicofmaking Recommended for you allergic reaction to sensitive skin sure We can this... Mother will take Care of the 10,000 species of millipede, these giants... Like Petco would sell archispirostreptus gigas care novice keepers into 30 – 40 segments with... Forms of gonopods - hidden, and you could refer to millipedes and centipedes together myriapods. Different forms of gonopods - hidden, and now the only way get., fruit and vegtables pair of modified legs `` gonopods ” … Giant millipede -... Insect from the … Archispirostreptus gigas keep in mind that millipedes enjoy some depth! Distinct morphologically and disjunct geographically … Basic Care: Archispirostreptus ; species gigas! Is best to keep millipedes on a substrate with decaying hardwood leaves mixed into the soil along with a on! Every part of its body to smell and taste they emerge from their eggs the hatchlings are on their....

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