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Steel ammo can sometimes be corrosive, and that is another story (but not all steel cased ammo is corrosive, and anything made after 1975 is not corrosive). All other factors being equal, steel cased ammo will function just as well as brass cased ammo 99% of the time. Edit Edit: I wanted to shoot some 62 grain green tip stuff if I remember right. The only issues I'd be concerned about is simply whether or not it runs in your firearm. Steel-cased cartridges are an issue of hot debate – some even compare it to the 9mm versus .45 argument. Up to 100 rounds, the more the better. When finished shooting, simply clean out the barrel, chamber and bolt face etc with hot soapy water, or military bore cleaner. The short answer is yes, Wolf Ammunition is manufactured in accordance with SAAMI standards. Why Can't You Shoot Steel Cased Ammo at a Range? Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by LONEWOLF, Dec 23, 2011. They have no problem with guns shot with steel case ammo. For plinking generally Fiocchi, S&B, Blazer (BRASS) are all fine. If you do decide to try out some steel cased ammo, I would recommend Tula over wolf.. after thousands of rounds with each, I had 3 times where a wolf 9mm stovepiped in my glock (I could have been limp-wristing it at the time and caused those, also 3 times isn’t that terrible), but more importantly, the wolf seemed to shoot at least twice as dirty as the Tula did. You can use frangible ammunition that is made of compressed copper powder that allows you to shoot your targets at a much closer range since they crumble upon impact. Steel cased .22LR is a rare sight in the US, although it is supposedly common in Russia and elsewhere around the globe. Brown Bear, Federal, Tula, and Wolf were all represented in the testing. The most likely possibility in my opinion is that they just want you to buy their ammo Bottom line is, BS or not, it's their range so they make the rules. No Bueno. Ranges sometimes ban steel-cased ammo altogether for two reasons: 1. I can confidently say, that Dirk’s assessment of steel cased ammo turning your AR into 3-5 MOA weapon is a tad overstated. There are ranges that won't allow Blazer aluminum cased and Wolf steel cased ammo either, claiming that it is dangerous to use. ... so make sure you give your gun a good cleaning and lubricating after a trip to the range...which you should be doing anyway! But, the outdoor range is belong to in Centreville is also prohibitting the same type ammo and the berm is dirt. While there is a lot of misinformation circulating amongst shooters regarding steel cased ammunition, we went… Quick Links. So if you are going to use steel cased ammo I recommend breaking the rifle in with decent brass cased ammo first. Most of the steel cased ammunition sold in the U.S. is from Russia. Fortunately, a range nearby will open later this month that allows ANY type of ammo, including bare lead, you can pick up your brass, and there are no surcharges. If money is not a concern brass is always better. Not that there aren’t good uses for it (ie the range, the dove field), but ammunition is a … However, not many problems occur today with steel ammo (unless you’re pumping thousands of rounds each day or using cheap surplus military ammo from a foreign … The tech said it is fine to shoot Steel cased ammo. Modern production steel-cased ammo is not corrosive, even when Berdan primed and it will not destroy your extractor. 1) DO NOT use Steel Cased Ammo.. I've never checked barrel prices to see if the offset in ammo cost justifies rebarreling an M1A, but I've got to think it is cost prohibitive.I'll shoot steel case in my ARs all day because I can rebarrel a couple of times and still be ahead. Steel cased ammo, aka the cartridge is steel but the bullet is lead and copper, is more of a range gripe. You know, ranges claim all sorts of reasons for not allowing various sorts of ammo. Some folks claim that steel-cased ammo will damage your gun because steel is harder than brass, which is the traditional material used for metallic cartridge cases. Or if you are going to shoot it bring backup ammo. While it's great and versatile ammo, steel casings do have a bad reputation among some sportsman. And of course, Walmart quit selling handgun ammo anyway. I used to run Winchester USA Forged 9mm in my Glocks and M&Ps at the range. My question with their rep. CAN YOU SHOOT STEEL CASED AMMO IN RUGER FIREARMS? Another range within driving distance does not allow concealed weapons in the store and wants your CWP number, if you have one, when you shoot. ... Do You Mind Steel Cased Ammo In Your Glock? There are many reasons why quality ammo has been made of brass for many many years. Also, if you use steel case ammo on a regular basis, have a good close look at the extractor and the feed ramp when you strip your gun for cleaning. Let's explore the differences each casing offers you as a shooter and if you should have a preference in the steel vs brass cased ammo debate. Personally, I can, and have, consistently banged 18″ gongs, with a 16″ barreled AR carbine, using steel cased Wolf, at 600 yards. For the purpose of this post, we are going to focus on steel cased Wolf Ammunition and ignore their Gold line with is brass cased. And you say you would never ever shoot it in your guns, but... Log in or Sign up. But, after searching online, I was able to find brass at a similar or better price than the Winchester steel cased at Walmart. – You can use steel-cased ammo if consistent performance is not a focus for you – You can use steel-cased ammo if you are comfortable replacing the occasional extractor ($2 part) I tell our customers that they can use any ammo they like, but we only warranty the rifle for brass-cased ammo – because that’s how Armalite designed it and the military spec’d it. So, why even do it in the first place? There are a number of good reasons why it’s a bad idea. Is steel case ammo OK for ar15? Most informed people (even me) and your gun will look down on you if you shoot steel or aluminum cased ammo. You can shoot any of the ammo above that you like through a Ruger. Haven't seen this answer so here goes: The only hesitation i have with steel cased ammo is the copper washed steel jackets.

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