when can you walk on new sod

Be sure to give your lawn time to establish before allowing much if any foot traffic. You can validate the establishment of the roots by pulling up a corner of the sod, and if you feel some resistance, you can eliminate the last irrigation set of the day. Walking that same path over and over throughout the winter can really take a toll on your lawn. Will it come back with watering? Hope this helps Kerry and don’t forget, green side up! Happy to help Don! If you don’t have that lawn yet, you can get it. After that you risk breaking them off in … I added a layer of top soil to my lawn and overseeded on Tuesday evening. Best practices for land preparation include adding some nutrient rich soil, rototilling, and then levelling with rakes. 16+ ” and my front lawn is very squishy under the sod but the grass blades are appearing wilted. Any suggestions on preventing further damage? Whats the earliest date I should have the sod put down to prevent any damage? When this happens, you must stop stressing the grass immediately. Long-term results: While new sod can quickly transform your yard, reseeding can take a full growing season for new grass to appear dense, lush and green. SO, I wish to ask; Do you see or foresee any mistakes or omissions on my part??? I was going to wait till the following summer but do you think it’s okay to set it up now? The best weed control and insect deterrent is to have a good, healthy lawn. https://greenhorizonssod.com/blog/new-sod-maintenance/, We have some new sod that just went it down a hill. This goes for newly established lawns, as well as for lawns that are many years old. (In the meantime, I hope there is a spot off the new lawn you can take them out to.) normally, you should wait for about 2 weeks for the time the grass germinates. If the sod has taken root, then you can go to your usual watering regiment. Traversing on snow-covered grass causes compaction, which can damage the tops of the grass plants or create conditions for snow mold, a fungal disease, to develop. While the large party might not totally RUIN your new lawn, it could create complications… I would just continue to monitor the grass during establishment and make a decision closer to the date of your party! Avoid walking on the sod when it is fully wet and saturated. Your sod should have been laid tightly together. I wish there was more I could suggest, but it’s a huge project to properly grade your yard and it should be the responsibility of the contractor in my opinion. I have already cut my lawn once as it was growing fast. But in some spots it’s kind of brown and wet at the base of the blades. Here’s how you do it. Your new sod should be watered daily, or twice a day during hot, dry weather; if the edges of the sod start to pull apart, you’re not watering enough. Despite having to wait 2 weeks, in order to properly water your sod you will need to walk upon your lawn. The general recommendation is to wait two weeks – but the number of days you wait is really dependent on determining that the lawn has, indeed, taken root. Thanks. Hey Jasper, Your lawn is getting close to being fully established! gently rake out as mush hay as you can, then mow the grass. If you’re going to set it up, I would suggest moving it around your yard periodically to make sure that your lawn is getting the proper amount of sunlight, and even moving it off the lawn completely when it’s not in use. It is commonly understood that you need to wait to use your new lawn, but many people don’t know why! Clarence Center, NY 14032. I had bermuda grass installed 7 weeks ago. Starter Fertilizer has been applied. The roots should start showing up soon. Follow the “one-third rule,” never mowing off more than one-third of the lawn’s height in a single mowing. However, you need to add a couple of minutes to the other irrigation sets. I have an eight month old dog but cannot let him out there yet. Avoid ripping out those still-tender roots, so either you or your lawn care professional should make the mower turn on pavement rather than on the grass. The general recommendation is to wait two weeks – but the number of days you wait is really dependent on determining that the lawn has, indeed, taken root. If your lawn appears to be holding water, or if you’re seeing evidence of puddles in your lawn, you need to stop watering and give it time to dry out. Walking on the lawn while it’s still spongy will leave behind foot-step depressions, resulting in uneven growth and an unsightly lawn. Ten days ago. Over time it should start to blend in around the edges but it’s dependant on the differences in the grass varieties. Is there anything we should do at the moment for those sunken areas or should we just wait and be patient to see if it fills in on its own. ... Once your soil is prepared, you can lay sod. With that said, there are a few spots that have turned brown (we had a problem with the sprinkle not hitting that spot and adjusted yesterday), almost dead looking, can those be salvaged? It’s nearly impossible to over water new sod! This preparation will eliminate the need to tread on your grass to water it. I’ve heard that 3 inches is the appropriate height to mow. Also, in contrast to watering seed, you want to water less-frequently. Have a close look at your new lawn and readjust any pieces of sod that were displaced. But looks are a bit deceiving in this case, because while your lawn might immediately lookready for foot traffic and other activity upon installation, it’s actually not. Do not overwater the area. As a rule, you should plan to stay off a newly seeded lawn for at least a month (eight to 12 weeks is better), and you should cordon off the area and post signs to encourage everyone else to do the same. It’s tough for me to make an assessment without pictures, but checking for roots is a good first step. How long should i wait to feed the lawn? The 1 ton is recommended by my Sod company owner and confirmed by rental company (said a lot of his landscape customers use the one ton roller). If you walk on your sod before its roots have established, you’re lessening your chances of success. First off Richard, congratulations on your new lawn! Keep the new lawn moist during this time as it knits together. The cool weather and increased precipitation will definitely help, but I would still suggest watering daily. Just think, it takes 3 or 4 times as long if you are using seed before you can use your lawn! Watering Your Lawn After The First Two Weeks. As for timing to roll, I would wait until the ground is somewhat firmer and your sod has had a bit of a chance to establish. You have new soil and new sod which has no grubs and no cinch bugs in it. Not too hot, and not too cold…. If you get a good solid rain on a day when you’re supposed to water, measure it and see if it’s enough water for that day’s requirements (typically around 1/2″). Carefully mowing your freshly sodded lawn after a week of intensive water and care will promote root growth and help your sod establish faster. It pays off to be patient… the results are well worth the wait! If all you’re used to doing is mowing, you’ll need to learn a few new tricks, but it’s not difficult – and the payback is a strong and healthy lawn all year round. Any help is appreciated. Do not drown or dehydrate the grass. Your situation is concerning… It has been raining SO much that I’d be worried about your new sod being oversaturated! Your freshly sodded lawn is in place and it’s looking great, right? Be sure to try and lift a corner of your new lawn and check if the roots are taking well. Our sod has successfully rooted and it looks great! Apparently sprinkling cayenne pepper can help keep them away? Thanks for your comment. Thanks for reaching out and enjoy your new lawn! The new sod should feel spongy wet the first week. Good luck with your problem areas and be sure to reach out with any further concerns! I’m sure there are some, but they are few and far between, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find my local nursery had no experience installing one! This preparation will eliminate the need to tread on your grass to water it. That’s right Laurel! The section of concern is now about 50% yellow and limp, and upon closer examination, some of the blades are brown/mushy, and extremely fragile. There are a couple of things you should be doing to ensure the development of a strong root system: It is typically suggested to wait at least two weeks before using your lawn regularly. The second week is similar to the first-week watering three to five times a day but reducing the watering duration if you are experiencing excess runoff or puddling. When the temperature is higher than 20C, we recommend getting the sod laid as quickly as possible.Typically we recommend customers to have the sod laid within 6 hours of harvest. I laid my new sod about 2 weeks ago (in the northeast). contains a greater variety of grass species than sod; initially needs to be watered more and for a longer time than sod; Grass started from seed can be more vulnerable to competition from other plants in its first year than at any other time. I haven’t seen a sod lawn in 60 years of living in my area! As you are installing your sod, begin watering each section after it is laid as soon as you can without making a muddy mess in the areas you still need to lay sod. If you’re renting a sod cutter, this can suffice instead of a rototiller but just be sure to loosen that clay soil base and mix in some new soil before laying your fresh sod. Mowing too early can cause widespread death. All the best and good luck with recovery! At what point is it ready to play football on. But when I look closer I see the brown and it looks like it might be getting too much water. You can walk on a sod lawn immediately, but it's not rooted for at least 2 weeks. Not only can pets ruin recently laid grass seed by walking on it, but if they use it as a bathroom, they will burn the weak grass because urine contains an excessive amount of nitrogen. … They want the badminton net to be set up and soccer nets. Your lawn service company was wise to want to cut your new lawn, because we actually recommend cutting new sod after 7 days of installation to encourage more root growth. Not only can pets ruin recently laid grass seed by walking on it, but if they use it as a bathroom, they will burn the weak grass because urine contains an excessive amount of nitrogen. However the firm doing the job did not level my lot and now 2 weeks later wants to come and lift all the sod and add top soil to level it. If there is another location you can set up the bouncy castle, I would recommend it! If you see the grass blades already long, your inner instinct will dictate it is time to mow. Try to water the sod deeply, and pay close attention to the watering schedule to ensure that the new lawn is properly hydrated. It is a perishable product and the quicker you can return sod to the soil, the better. Under proper conditions new sod can take up to 4 weeks to establish itself as a 'lawn'. When to Mow New Sod A high traffic area will show some wear if its "new" or "old" Be sure to wait till you can reach down and try pull it up and it feels rooted in before you mow it. It’s good that you’ve recognized the problem area, and have started to work towards fixing it. Lv 7. It’s generally cold and on off rainy at the moment anyway. Will it die? Sorry for the delayed response here. And the temps are going to be in the high 60s for the next week followed by a week of low 50s, ideally, how much should I be watering? Let me know how things work out Carol and thanks for your comment! I would recommend waiting at least a month, and perhaps even longer. If this doesn't work for you, please check out using sod. I like how you mention to wait for the sod to establish a strong root system. Now the roots should be deep and can tolerate a few more minutes of water per cycle.

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