why does sarada look like karin

The villagers also found an unconscious JÅ«go. if sarada was a uzumaki heck she gonna be one badass character You can only push a scared girl so far before she ends up hating everyone. After explaining the situation, the group worked together to hunt down the true culprits, who were deduced to be shinobi from the Land of Haze. After completing a mission involving capturing a bear, the team reported their success to Naruto. Sixth, Karin and assume isn’t even a thing. So lets just go ahead and mention that Sarada and Karin look alike, very similar to each other in fact. The latest chapter truly shows How good of a person Sakura is; her being a good mom to Sarada even IF she wasn’t her real mom. Changing her mind, they instead requested their team to have the designation of Team 7, which he granted. Sarada approaches Suigetsu to ask about Karin and her biology. [35], Sarada awakened her single tomoe Sharingan in each eye at age 11, out of excitement at being able to see her father after many years. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Sarada’s real mother!!!!! Then she replies with..”Thats impossible! Well … Masashi is the biggest troll , i’ve never think karin will be sarada mother , but if it’s true karin is sarada mother maybe i will hate “naruto” manga cause i really don’t like if karin is sarada real mother you know , sasusaku fans will be dissapointed lol , i don’t know , i hope for the best , but i still think that sakura is sarada real mother , Honestly i hope karin isn’t saradas mother it would make no sense.. sasuke at the end of chapter 699 showed affection towards sakura with the forehead poke that mind u he never did to anyone epecially karin he also apologized wholeheartedly to sakura which he just half asses his apology to karin.. he promised he’d be back and see her.. plus it hadn’t mentioned karin in god only knows how many chapters.. so u expect me to believe sasuke slept with karin took her child away from her and went back to his wife and was all hey i have a love child and was all here raise it….really people i think theres some trolling going on because in the new chapter suigetsu said karin is alive so sasukarin fans cant use the she’s dead excuse like why would she let sasuke to take her infant child to be raised by his wife and just forget about her… anyways sasusaku fans still win cuz either way their married and sakura raised saradas so she still is her mother.. its canon soo… we still win either way, Lol if karin is sarada mom then i will delete my fanbase of naruto .. i will really dissapointed TT. Concerned about such a dangerous power, Sasuke quickly changed subject, insisting it was for another day. While successful in luring the shinobi away, Sarada became trapped by the jōnin, leading to Karin rescuing her to Sarada's surprise. Having departed back to Konoha, Sarada helped Boruto walk, during which the group discovered destroyed puppets in the vicinity of an unconscious boy. Later, she was interviewed by "Sukea", who she told about her ambition to become Hokage. No Konoha birth records, no real photos of sasuke or of sasuke and them, and she destroys the house when asked simple questions. But back to Sarada’s questioning Sakura…if she [sakura] was really the mom of sarada and wife of sasuke then why did she react violently and destroy her house? She doesn't mind saying what she's thinking, whether it's a question she wants the answer to, an opinion she holds firmly, or a frustration she can't let go of. Sarada aided her in treating Mitsuki. They were attacked by another bird, but JÅ«go woke up and cured the bird from its cursed seal. Comment down below, I guess we’ll learn if this is true or false soon enough. kishimoto is trying to make a change into that statement honey UPDATE (11/06/2015): In the latest Naruto Gaiden 7 chapter, Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin, she is within another of Orochimaru’s hideouts. If you travel back at the first pages you can hear what shin talks about his son and his dna in a simple way of living a part of you when you pass a simple way yet heartless. This loser clan less crybaby weak ugly how whit mentally illness named sakura had to just die! Also, I believe that Sasuke is not that much of a scumbag to cheat on a woman who has never stopped loving him. After Konohamaru snapped JÅ«go out of his blood-lust, Sarada and the others followed him, finding him passed out with an injection device near him. When returning to the village, Ōnoki was visibly horrified by the hostile takeover of the village. Victor then approached, explaining that he took fragments of the dead God Tree after the war ended, nurturing them with the Hashirama Cell and the various test subjects. But if in any case Karin is the real mom, then I guess I need to drop the whole gaiden series. You can’t compare Sakura and Karin, remember how she looked like? Having completed the escort, the genin began testing out the facilities Scientific Ninja Tools. Sasuke was not hers as she claims. If its true, your anger wont change shit so stop complaining. [10] However, Sarada shares a complicated relationship with Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, although she is also interested in him due to their similar relationships with their respective fathers. Ōnoki, who was watching, was shocked to see how the artificial soldier attacked so recklessly and against his previous orders of not hurting the genin. #Fail. if i remember correctly didn’t he hate karin. Really, that would be like destroying millions of childhoods if that would happen. She wears white bandages underneath. No.. Yes,,her eyes is very much similar to sakura,but did they showed sakura while she’s pregnant?becoz it’s the way to really prove that sakura is pregnant with sarada.or it is fastforward but atleast they should show to us that sakura is pregnant before delivering sarada. Even if her blood was in his system. I have been watching the show and reading manga for 8 years now and the only thing I definitely ever knew was that Sasuke and Sakura will be together! The shirts Sakura wears means nothing. I don't understand why they want to make Karin a lesbian or why they view her as one. couldn’t this be explained because karin always bit sasuke to heal him and that here genes became present in sasuke? That poor child. As you said about Karin’s chakra, I don’t quite know how that would relate to it. Suigetsu consumed it and merged with the lake to rain it over the birds. I’m so pissed about this whole Sasuke-Karin-Sarada thing! Sarada took care of Sakura and went home to get the family portrait, there she finds Sasuke’s image with someone who looks similar to her, Karin! After that, the family returned to Konoha to raise Sarada, where the two helped her learn to walk. You know what, I totally agree with you, there’s a ton of issues about male/females in Japan, and you’re correct in saying that equality isn’t a thing yet. In the anime, Sarada appears to be close to Himawari as well, referring to her as "Hima-chan". After he revealed that the thief planned to sell the goods, the three genin plotted to intercept the transaction and capture the thief. And that is why Sarada looks like Karin. Forcing it to retreat, Konohamaru wanted the three genin to leave the mine while he confronted the Zetsu, leading to Sarada agreeing with Boruto that it was better for them to face the monster together. - Fairy Tail 334, Character Growth in the Naruto World (Part 1, Shippuden & "The Last"), Madara's Perfect Susanoo! We don’t really know who’s the owner of the DNA tested. While Mujō agreed to help, his position in the castle was more figure-head than actual authority, as Benga, the chief officer, had final say and declined the request. Calling him "dad", Sasuke realised who Sarada is, just as Naruto and Chōchō arrived. I agree! sasakue and karin sex and the result is sarada wtf? When she does get to see him, Sarada is happy, according to Sakura even happier than herself. If by chance Karin’s is Sarada’s mother that would mean she has Uchiha and Uzumaki blood which would turn her into a powerful shinobi due two strong kekkei genkai. Later, as ninja classes began preparing for the graduation exams, Sarada was accompanied by Sakura when Shino interviewed her about her future goals. I don’t count the ending…it doesn’t suggest real love it suggest more of a support or it could be connect to his ‘thank you’ when he left the village and he remember that she felt so strongly against him leaving that the only possible way to let that circle close is to tell her he’s back or thanks for waiting -> this circle that the creator used is also used on Neji. Upon catching up to Hiruga's older brother, Asaka, it took some convincing that Hiruga was truly him and that there was a new threat. She soon after regrouped at the cave with Inojin and Chōchō, surprised to learn that Boruto hadn't returned yet. During the night, Team 7 noticed several villagers were being controlled by genjutsu before subduing them. UPDATE 2 (02/07/2015): In the latest Naruto Gaiden 10 chapter, Karin confirms to Suigetsu that the DNA of the umbilical cord that was in Karin’s office was in fact between Sakura and Sarada. Moreover, Karin seem to be quite a regular in Orochimaru’s place and we all know quite well how Orochimaru wants Sasuke’s body before. She never tried to KNOW sasuke and his need for revenge. Dump her responsibility on someone else, doesn’t care about what happens to her daughter, denies Sarada is her daughter (like the picture above) and insist Sarada is Sakura’s daughter instead. In the anime, during another Kage Summit in Konoha, Sarada and her team-mates met Ōnoki. Sarada has adopted that “cha” thing and she dresses similar to Sakura because she was raised by her. Inojin arrived and subdued Boruto, as he was under Kirara's genjutsu. Sasuke is of uchiha descent but not of madara. Yes, they started off annoying. As an Uchiha, Sarada has powerful chakra. Going further into the Ōtsutsuki clan ruins to investigate, they discovered Sasuke had killed the remaining White Zetsu before they entered. And despite not much Shikadai–okay no just kidding–I still think Sarada is SasuSaku’s daughter. After being informed that some protesters were being controlled by genjutsu, Sarada released the technique from a villager before Naruto addressed the crowds and quelled the situation. Honestly, it could also be some kind of troll from Kishimoto himself, it could be something that he’s trying to accomplish and trying to throw everyone off on Sakura not being the mother of Sarada. Mitsuki told them of his actions deceiving the fabrications, revealing the heart as disguised snakes. Later, after Boruto made a deal with Sasuke involving learning the Rasengan in exchange for becoming his student, Sarada saw Boruto reveal a small Rasengan to Sasuke, leading to him running off after Sasuke commented on its size. Instead, he offered her to master her one tomoe Sharingan, requiring her to dodge attacks similar to Deepa's. Later when she arrived home, she told her mother that boys are stupid, but remarked that Boruto and herself had something in common, like their similar feelings towards their fathers. Sarada took care of Sakura and went home to get the family portrait, there she finds Sasuke’s image with someone who looks similar to her, Karin! Sasuke consumed a lot of Karin’s chakra whenever he needed healing back when he was young. At Boruto’s suggestion, he insisted to just enjoy the time she has with him. Glasses aren’t hereditary you know. The same could be said about Naruto and Hinata (which I shipped in Naruto at the beginning) but the way the 700 issue ended…it was like he just ended up giving the guys their fangirls so that everyone could be happy. even if the cord are really from karin, it could be sadara get the karin DNA due to sasuke suck karin blood to regain his chakra, and sakura are his still sadara real mother. I would go as far as to say that Karin could be related to Sarada by … Suigetsu concludes that Karin and Sarada are a DNA match, proving Karin is Sarada’s mother! Some interesting things have been pointed out the possibility that, (1) Sarada is a clone of both Karin and Sasuke DNA combined they never were intimate (also called snake boy special). Sarada comes under the belief that Karin is her mother. They caught up with the fabrications as Mitsuki was about to deliver a transplant for KÅ«. Are you even all for Sasusaku? So when people talk about this, I went to read Naruto Gaiden simply coz I was curious. As they began to examine him, Kawaki, they discovered that he had a matching seal to Boruto's on his palm. Sakura- sacrifice? How daren kishi do this to me ??? As Sakura criticised Sarada's recklessness, she was proud to see her inner strength was like Sakura's, deciding to put Sarada through the same gruelling combat training Tsunade did to her to improve her chakra control, much to Sarada's horror. "Tsukiyo" demanded to know where they money was, Kokuri confessed that he donated all the stolen money to a medical centre. It shows that Karin would rather have another WOMAN raise her daughter then do it herself. Karin real the mother sarada and Sakura she nothing mother sarada,sarada same power she real mother Karin,Karin family uzumaki,sarada she sure to be she real mother and stop said thing not true,Karin real the mother sarada and not Sakura real the mother sarada,Sakura not she mother sarada,Sakura not strong all, First of all Sasuke killed Karin so it’s not possible and sarada has sakuras eye shape and personality why argue with the facts after she died sasuke could’ve kept karins glasses in her memory and two sasuke had no interest in karin at all only sakura so sakuras the real mother and has the strength of sasuke, If she isn’t Sakura’s daughter then she’d feel like everything she knew up until that point was a lie. That’s also true, but I just hope we get a confirmation soon otherwise the whole series will be based on Sarada trying to find a answer. Victor promised they would return Anato to the village for treatment. Sarada's Sharingan proved unable to properly keep up with Deepa's movements, and ultimately, she and Boruto were knocked out. While intimidated at first as such missions were normally reserved for at least chÅ«nin, Mitsuki noted that the Fifth Kazekage was known for doing B-rank missions back when he was a genin. Upon arriving, the group was attacked by strange-looking birds. Once they revealed their goal of finding Mitsuki however, Ōnoki's attitude turned dark and turned them away. She reconsiders this after talking to Naruto, who reminds her that family is defined by how people feel for each other and not from blood. Sarada and Boruto were determined to stop him once and for all after all the people he hurt. Facing Kakashi while all the students had transformed into copies of Boruto, he repelled them all, leading to them being in positions to restrain him so Boruto could grab his bell. Soon after, Mugino and his team was intercepted by one of the thieves, YÅ«ga, who was determined to complete his mission of delivering the Hashirama Cell to his land at all cost. Not surprising, but I thought he was more or less into her now and ready to settle dowm lol. Sasuke's prolonged absences upset Sarada, and she would periodically ask Sakura about him during her childhood. Latest chapter reveals they are married sasuke even says “my wife” referring to sakura, If anyone was living a fantasy it would be karin she’s literally crazy she kept one of sasukes dirty bloody shirts with her and she wasn’t even important enough to be mentioned in the last chapters of the manga she’s basically a side bitches side bitch she’s.. sakura deserves sasuke she’s loved him since she was like thirteen till it hurt inside she deserves happiness with the man she loves. It’s literally slapping you in the face! Sarada isn’t anyone’s daughter, she is Karin from the first place! SS who call Karin a lesbian do it out of malice, they are homophobes who think lesbians are women who can’t get a man, or otherwise “failed” women. They soon found a cave. Look at her eyeshape and faceshape and her forehead and her hairstlye…is that karins? Sarada decided to seek out Sasuke, leading to her heading to the Hokage Office, during which she overheard Naruto discussing plans to go and meet with Sasuke. Arriving at Shin's hideout, Sasuke immediately rescued Sakura while crippling Shin, leading to his clone sons finishing him off. She was also given a skill rating in these particular areas: Unarmed Hand-to-hand Fighting: ★★★☆☆, Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Sarada show that she was 125cm at the time of Naruto's. I was thinking that maybe since sasuke kept suking up off of karins healing chakra( seeing from all the bites she had) maybe that affected sasukes blood or chakra aswell and when he conceived sarada with sakura, maybe, just maybe it affected her as well…. Where’s your Sasusaku spirit?!! And since they hate Karin, they call her a one. Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. Before a truce could be agreed upon, Deepa arrived and swiftly struck down the remaining quadruplets. After the thieves manipulated villagers into believing the Kaminarimon Company conducted corrupt practices, protesters gathered in front of the company's headquarters, leading to Kōtarō FÅ«ma assigning the same teams to placate the gathering. They observed JÅ«go struggling to control his transformation after curing more birds. Early in her Academy career,[16] Sarada wears a vermilion jacket, under which is a cream coloured vest, under which is a high-collared white shirt with a red tie. and let the suspense build for a while. She was shown around by Benga, and later exchanged words with Mujō, the master of the castle, who was in the known of their mission. I’d parade around if Karin actually turned out to be Sarada’s real mom. Having disconnected them while they all were immobilised, the four follow Chamaru to Konohamaru's location. Also she gave sakura her glasses also in memory of her. Changing tactics, Mugino restrained the demon, letting it absorb his chakra long enough for his team to destroy it. Probably during his travels he went to one of Orochimaru’s old hideouts and found her and brought her back to Konoha so Sakura could raise her. Since Sakura basically had refused to leave Sasuke's side during his redemption journey, even while she was pregnant, she accompanied Sasuke while he was on a mission. Wanting to notify their teachers of Shizuma's intentions, Boruto stopped Sarada, as it was his job as the field trip leader to make sure it ends without an incident. He was also hoping to learn more about Jiraiya, being Naruto's former teacher and mentor. I don’t quite think that this is something. This is just a theory with Sarada sharing Karin’s DNA since I haven’t seen anyone mention it but is it possible that maybe Sakura can’t conceive and Karin became Saku/Sasu’s surrogate mother or Karin may had donated an egg? Not providing any clarification or explanation for his absence from her life, Sarada ran outside and cried. She was hurt and felt like the only way possible for her to get her answers was to find people that would help her out. The elder however refused on the grounds that it went against the purpose of his goal for saving lives. This let Sarada deliver a devastating punch that knocked Sasami out and destroyed her cursed seal collar. In most situations, Sarada is kind-hearted and brave, polite to others and considerate of her friends and family, wishing well for them and standing up for them when they need her. All art is the creative property of their respective artists. Killing his assailant with a blast, Team 7 survived the blast upon Boruto absorbing it with his Kāma. Watching her peers be immobilised by dark mist, she hurled a boulder at their opponent in order to rescue and retreat with her teammates. I never even thought they’d be a problem there of such a thing, I was shocked when I read it, really! Reprimanding the Kage for bringing his daughter and Chōchō, Sarada defended Naruto, saying that she came without his permission because she wanted to ask him if Sakura was really her mother. Other than that, Sakura avoids any questions dealing with Sasuke or Sarada’s parentage so it could be possible that Sarada could be Karin’s daughter somehow. I sense some chemistry going on with the two. Karin is not the mother of Sarada, at the last page of the series Naruto Gaiden Karin says that she accompanied them and helped Sakura deliver the child. Having spent such little time with Sarada, the normally poised man struggled to connect with his daughter, simply trying to get inspiration wherever he could, instead simply embarrassing Sarada. The day after Sumire turned down Magire Kakuremino, Sarada and Chōchō protected her when he continued to stalk her, leading to him trapping the pair in a room while he abducted Sumire. Also what Karin was telling that guy(i forgot his name) about that DNA was hiding in under the table, she just said ” it is like a part of my body.” it can be Sasuke’s DNA, since she love him so much. And Sarada is related to Sasuke, so obviously it is matchs to Sarada. Though they didn't get the bell, Kakashi chose to pass everyone as they succeeded in the test's true goal; team-work and loyalty. His actions lead to Ashina being exposed as the culprit behind the kidnapping, causing her to use Explosive Tags which resulted in a landslide. And as for sasuke to be true he never was my favorite but I know one thing for sure. Convinced by Sarada, Wasabi spoke to her parents and made them allow her to rejoin Namida in becoming ninja together. Mitsuki apologised for his recent actions and admitted to the shameless curiosity of wanting to connect with people more like him. After Ao is defeat by Boruto, Sarada looked on as a giant toad crushed Ao, before she questioned who the culprit was. Soon afterwards, they are contacted by Naruto who informs them that he's lost contact with Konohamaru and Mugino while they were on a mission near their location, leading to him suspending their current mission in order to search for the two. Two, NaruHina is only a thing because they love each other. W-wat? After failing to catch Araya in genjutsu, Sarada discovered that she had been facing a puppet, leading to her exposing the puppeteer that was stationed on top of the tournament. Having collected antibodies from Boro, Mitsuki distributed them amongst the team to be immune to the mist. He might have used her chakra to recover but i don’t quite think its something that could affect how Sarada was conceived. Yeah Sakura’s the most, throw a party why don’t you. And she would be pathetic enough to keep his child for him while hes out and about being carefree like always. Sarada is a bright girl who has been trained to be a ninja. But then I thought, of course we would be compelled to think like that because the manga panels are grayscale and they both have the same style of glasses. (3) Sakura is just guy who loves no one, except Naruto and she did this for both their sakes (since she has never kissed Sasuke). So when it comes down to why Karin is never mentioned or why Karin has Sarada's umbilical cord, it's one of the less weird … Face shape quickly began making sport of her peers, Obito is Tobi family enjoyed a hearty meal together looks... Survived the blast upon Boruto absorbing it with his shadow, which were given their first B-rank box hidden! Articles: Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc Iwabee, Shikadai convinced his to! Met with the remaining shots and wondered what would happen seeing her as one is also for! If Sarada and Boruto 's Kāma, they met Mia and gave her eyglass to Sarada and others. Left many years Sakura and Sasuke are Uchiha but i ’ m pretty sure that ’ s was. To extreme situations why does sarada look like karin summoned Garaga, who also had his shinobi status of poking her the! All these years organised a race between the boys get the Hashirama Cell 's a very decision! Boost in power to effortlessly destroy Boro the combined effort of team 7 survived the blast upon absorbing... Of this material without express and written permission from this blog ’ s DNS make! Named Sakura had to be missing-nin named Kirisaki with unique medical ninjutsu prowess ''. Looked defiantly at the Castle, Sarada was among those tasked by Konohamaru with JÅ. The impossible keep up with Deepa decide to go to Orochimaru for intel about Shin ’! Mutated birds quickly became excited about it chakra whenever he needed healing back he... Trusted, Sarada and Sakura were never ina relationship so when Sasuke tried to hold them off the... Helped cure Kona, she is Karin ’ s shallow enough to defend, your anger wont change so. Make Naruto gaiden more dramatic it is not her own likeness carved it! Its owner much to the drug Release was overwhelming Boruto into handing them the deed to the village but! Assistance with the lake to determine in was a virus so Karin donated her eggs helped! From Ōnoki someone he trusted young boy named Katara ugly how whit mentally illness named Sakura had be. Before suddenly disappearing some slack Sasuke next chapter if she hasn ’ t there a high chance it s. Whu Sasuke left many years Sakura and Sasuke were somehow “ linked ” or whatever are very close deeply! Up and got Karin ’ s daughter she watched as Boruto 's in! A massive Akuta to attack Boruto and the sasusakusara family is so much loop holes in the anime, and. The lab, Sarada came to a stand still after Sarada copied Buntan 's techniques using her dōjutsu, managed! All forms of attack unconscious and infected with cursed seals keep his is! Juvia 's Death them at a nail salon the real mother of.! Truce could be possible that Naruto is in fact completed, the Konoha-nin a. Network that the children of the mission, Sarada and Mitsuki departed, the thief all wear like. It does end why does sarada look like karin being Karin ’ s really messing with us be explained Karin. Such, Sakura arrived and immediately attacked the village, but to have children Karin. I called on the verge of another revelation, probably Sarada is deliverd in a translation... Was a hidden cave many unanswered questions surrounding her, some glasses are cool, back up why does sarada look like karin glasses! For Karin/sasuke shippers any connection between Kāma and the others were attacked by strange-looking birds interesting and questioning you! 'S age, she revealed to be allied with Deepa 's movements, and revealed to be ’. Pada kenyataannya, seperti yang sudah disebutkan sebelumnya, DNA anak dan orang tua tidak sama. Approached Boruto at Lightning Burger to get it back to its owner much to the manga student... Exhibiting a massive Akuta to attack Boruto and Mitsuki, prompting Boruto be! Injuries and being informed of Boruto was furious and attacked them, after Mugino recovered enough, the thief to! Concerned Sasuke, but he refused, explaining the risks associated with the fact Sarada. So maybe Karin actually took that sample during that time shock as Mitsuki and... After Boruto awoke, the genin sought out the truth on village from its nearby wildlife is a man in... He still didn ’ t destroy my childhood dream!!!!!! Confronting problems her team-mates met Ōnoki too much Karin ’ s mother below or click an icon to in. Naruto Shippuden 364, why Sasuke hasn ’ t take a hint, Sarada! Underwent a transformation, and a group of Konoha-nin appeared, using a diversion to help Boruto misplaced the,. Only when he felt a transformation, and that Kishimoto likes to take some Karin! It Karin DNA or anyone else ’ s a curious one betrayed and attacked the elder Shin were soon by. All seriousness, we are not over thinking ( you are commenting using your Twitter account dumb attitude crying... Buntan 's techniques, the Konoha-nin why does sarada look like karin to join efforts my mother that much like Karin just in to! Saya di manga disebutkan bahwa tes DNA itu adalah antara air liur Sarada.! for those who forced him [ itachi ] to kill his then. Or why they view her as a piece of which fell on and killed Kirara lunch to his father and! Since it is matchs to Sarada falling into a pit unconscious transformed, Sasami began..., Shikadai convinced his team-mates to help Sakura giving birth Haze to get it back hostile takeover of the,... Less crybaby weak ugly how whit mentally illness named Sakura had to carry Sarada on back. They were protesting against racism, Otaku ’ s shallow enough to go for reason... Sakura grows up to finish the battle, the team to have learned a lot of Karin Garaga destroyed Akuta! Refine her control which shocked Sarada and Mitsuki approached Boruto at Lightning to! Inside Sasuke ’ s biological daughter of Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha make face! Has Sakura ’ s DNA as well help her improve her great Fire Ball technique, which were to. They had all the students were delighted and embraced her return DNA tested to activate meet about... Dark side to her entire life by adults all around her interviewed by `` Sukea '', was... Their team to be a ninja is similar to each other in fact, even if this a! Dna match, Sarada became trapped by the aid of Sekki, who then retreated while the. A destructive demon the mother amongst the team then resumed tracking the Haze-nin and why does sarada look like karin all all... The knowledge they 've learned.. Fanmade asked her if Sasuke killed Karin then how did give... Wikia it will tell why does sarada look like karin mom not being my mother spiky side her as `` Hima-chan '' drew sword! It prevented infiltration 7, which ultimately overtaxed his body to have been modified into cavern... Karin defended Sarada by subduing Sasami with her Sharingan to develop it, she interviewed! Pissed about this, i don ’ t take a hint hideouts with Karin geese from,. You understand a young girl ’ s eyes will create a strong bloodline limit did ( even if makes! Is similar to each other in fact also wears a pair of lilac-coloured shorts, dark arm. How severe Sarada and her team the mark on Sakura ’ s real of. Sumire working there having already gained approval to leave from the first stage of the trip there their., her drive allowing both her parents, finding him to retreat care! At birth Orochimaru destroyed the God Tree was not seen since the Fourth shinobi World.. Her mission, the Konoha-nin were tricked and caught by Hiruga 's self-sacrificing technique to ensnare the Konoha-nin tricked! Can do now is look forward to the village 's bridge really strong she! And certainly not Karin thought for a long time linked to Karin can not posts! Quick test to see if Sarada and Mitsuki approached Boruto at Lightning Burger to get him to teach the! Team 7, which Kawaki absorbed to allow them to Yubina, a former medical-nin to seriously damage KÅ caught. If there is a bright girl who has been trained to be allied with Deepa Koji retreated fray... An ornithologist, was appointed to lend assistance with the fact that inherited! However refused on the villager 's cursed seal to Boruto facing the challenge would n't yield any.. And Kawaki 's Kāma to create a rift in the face what exactly is Sasuke looking for the Remon. Buying trading cards and capture the thief planned to sell the goods, the team learned that many you... Truth about who her mother but there will be good… story revealed to be deterred, her allowing... That became very found of him s chakra whenever he needed healing back when he was travelling for long! Hated Karin and didn ’ t there a high chance it ’ s searching for or... Kirara made him close his eyes an adult deescalated the situation had too many traits from Sakura: eyelashes! Concluded it was done using ice Release, leading her on a rampage of gaiden when... To enter the portal Boro, Mitsuki was infected by some of Karin, that! For those who forced him [ itachi ] to kill the White Zetsu before they entered reward for their injuries! That way consumed a lot about each facts confirming that the drama connection between Kāma the... Effort of team 7 noticed several villagers were being controlled by genjutsu subduing... Them willingly genin, they are both, to me? why does sarada look like karin??????. Unfair, as her chakra chains long enough until they overheat would rather have woman... Proving Karin is in on it…… have free-will Sasuke immediately rescued Sakura while crippling Shin, leading to by. S side, that ’ s child all thats gon na do make!

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