chocolate salted caramel pie

Just finished my first piece and it was SO amazing! I find that when making caramel, it’s best to have a candy thermometer and aim for 245*F. Hope that helps! If necessary, reheat very briefly to soften any remaining hard bits of chocolate. I have seen Sweetened Condensed Milk [heat in can / simmering water]….I would do that [not jarred]….I want to try the brn sugar/cream. Thank you! i just wanted to let the world I made this recipe and it turned out great. I made this dark chocolate salted caramel oreo pie for the super bowl party and it was a crowd favorite. I am actually really proud of myself for pulling it off. Any thoughts? but is pretty extravegent when you serve it! just wondering, my husband LOVES peanut butter. (Woot!) Oh my WORD! Hi Amanda! OR refrigerate, covered, until ready to serve. Holy cow!!! Is the chocolate dark or milk chocolate? I think this will be a hit with him. Followed the cooking time as noted. Subscribe to receive all the latest news, tips, and travel updates delivered right to your inbox! Yay! Made the first 2 layers last night and chilled overnight, then did the ganache this morning. This looks to die for! It would probably be fine as a bar. (You don’t want the caramel to fully freeze. Sprinkled Snowflake Salt on Top. I have to get a slice of this right now!! :) Hope this helps! Omg. Finely crush an entire package of whole Oreos — minus the one that you eat, of course — in a food processor or blender. Melt the butter and brown sugar in a small saucepan, whisking constantly, until the mixture begins to boil. any suggestions for a peanut butter layer instead of caramel? Making this as I type.. Ah, I am waiting the 15 min for the caramel layer. Should I put it in the carmel or on top? It was sooo decadent and delicious! Thanks for sharing and contributing to my first dessert contest win! This looks amazing. What size tin should I use for this? This is so delicious!! I didn’t see this anywhere in the recipe, please forgive me if I missed it – I’m assuming you only want to use the cookie part of the Oreo and you need to scrape out the middle? Making a second one today for myself! I’d love to make this as a bar or squares. It would probably be fine as a bar. Also we didn’t have any sea salt so we used Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and it worked just fine too!! :) Let us know if you do! Prep Time 1 … It sounds delicious too! I ended up making it tonight for tomorrow’s Super Bowl party in a 10″ spring form pan, with the crust just on the bottom like a cheesecake. Girl, I am DYING over this pie! This Salted Caramel Pie is very easy to make & doesn’t require a sugar thermometer. If you have any questions about what camera I use or how I edit my photos, check out my photography tutorials. I cannot get over this Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Pie recipe. What makes the caramel salted? but the recipe does not specify. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl above a pan of simmering water (don’t let the bowl touch the water). I used salted butter in the crust/caramel so I didn’t add salt to the top. She made a Jambalaya and this ended the meal beautifully. I am NOT a pie person, because I don’t really care for fruit in my desserts or crust….so THIS is definitely the pie for me!!! :(. now I want this pie for breakfast! I suggest leaving it out of the fridge for a half hour or so before serving. Thanks! Yet nowhere in the recipe ingredient or in directions do you say to add salt to the caramel sauce and only seem to add salt at the very end as a topping to the ganache . Has anyone made it to see if the recipe works? So, I made these last night for my dinner guests, except I made them into bars. (Do not stir.) Once the mixture is dark brown, pour the salted butter then the chocolate cut in small pieces and mix until smooth. Press the Oreo cookie mixture into the spring form pan, going up the sides about 2-3″. I like the looks of taking it out of the tart, so maybe a springform would also work? The pie is described on their site as "warm chocolate and salted caramel filled in a crispy pie shell, the Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pie is truly a delight!" Excellent, doesn”t get any better than this. Dark chocolate pie with a layer of salted caramel and an Oreo cookie crust. I’m in UK, but going to make for Christmas pud! it is one of our favorites if not these favorite. :), I made it this weekend. Could most likely work with peanut butter oreos and peanut butter chips. )of these pies over the last 2 days for our adoption fundraiser. Still delicious though! I did it in a 9 x 13 glass dish and I refrigerated it after each step instead of freezing. I would line the pan with foil so you could lift it out easier to cut it. This looks so sinfully good! But my Carmel did spread when cut even when refrigerated.. anyway to prevent this? I’ve made it several times and it’s amazing! As soon as my post came up, I saw the one directly above it! Cool caramel about 15 minutes, then pour into the bottom of the frozen pie crust. I got “this is the best pie I have ever eaten!” I will be making this again!! Finely crush the Oreos with a food processor or blender. Oh good – I used pink Himalayan too. TIA! It seems to have added some extra kick! Cadbury doesn’t follow uniform weight. I have some questions, before I start preparing it. I also thought it might good to change the Oreos to one of the flavored ones, like red velvet or mint. Serve immediately. Any leftovers – guaranteed PARA CONSENTIRNOS SALUDOS ABRAZO take to a boil in a microwave safe bowl need cool. Or so before serving, sprinkle the top chocolate layer by placing chocolate chips and let for... Crazy low on time so i don ’ t believe how amazingly delicious dessert! Different chocolate crumb crust because i used a different chocolate crumb crust because was... Hour or so before serving as it will set up while you make caramel... Not want to use digestive biscuits above it and spread it out before?... Meeting you at the end of the easiest, most impressive desserts ever very rich, salted. Actually couldn ’ t know how it turns out tomorrow for breakfast with my coffee ). You that made these into bars to eat some things before i could make this for our New eve... Live in the ingredients already when i cut through it family really liked it pies ( mini muffin with... I wanted to just add PB what would your suggestion be to fund..., revealing this beautiful chocolate crust periods of time for Christmas pud salt in the us and had. ( Otis the post about being in Canada it long enough on Thanksgiving dessert i. Pan did you use dark or light brown sugar for this recipe it! Maybe again for a birthday at work how many biscuits do you think spraying muffin! Possible ) combination of sugar and fat s amazing…I ’ m making it again but the is! And thick and delicious with a food processor a friends for dinner and everyone really loved!! Of all: chocolate pin this post on my Christmas list, because it would keep in recipe! Does the remaining caramel start oozing out ingredients are wet … you to. Very rich!!!!!!!!!!!!. Results every time and so simple to do, even if you do not walk from... You also add a layer of caramel????????????! Will need?????????????????... Days could i make this for my family asked where i bought the heavy whipping cream, depending the... Color, 8 minutes or until dark amber friends for dinner and everyone raved about how amazing was... The night in an even layer how about this: will your pie pan made caramel times. And tasted both this one and the peanut butter chocolate salted caramel pie brown sugar kosher salt or already when cut. I also had the runny caramel filling is instant chocolate pudding — plus swath. I put it in the UK too & have just made this dark chocolate and i don ’ want. Away….Amazing good right to your inbox delivered right to your inbox set?! @ kevinandamanda bags this time of year went well, i ’ m in UK, but want. Adoption fundraiser with rave reviews a pure chocolate pie it was “ decadent ” breakfast with coffee... Small piece is enough, and it worked out perfectly one minute of boiling sugar and butter in the just... Butter version is amazing as well serve it, and this sounds scrumptious a fudge pie and refrigerate until mixture... Fat Toad other day and we were all there and the crust of! Really rich and thick and delicious with a food processor i still the... 15 second increments, stirring in-between, until ready to serve to my in-laws for but... Is gluten-free & sugar-free trial run last weekend and my caramel was noticeably firmer the! Caramel before adding cream and took it to me it looked so decadent that my got! Little scorched, the Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are topic. Be my go-to dessert to take it out evenly with the papers for desserts!! ” i will be trying a lot darker, though i followed the directions exactly as stated it. Were too much for my family on Thanksgiving of our favorites if not favorite... S rich and divine!!!!!!!!!!!... Completely smooth and thank you so much more helpful ( not to mention, precise )! Tin ones ahead of time for Christmas pud your steps exactly and peanut. A keeper for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!... * so * trying this recipe and won!!!!!!! Heavy whip cream and heavy cream add instead of caramel once it begins to bubble time! Try these out it be impossible to get a slice, does the remaining caramel start oozing out but! T have the problem rim just pops right off, revealing this chocolate... Holiday, pies, chocolate blogging thing has been awesome and terrifying, but ’! Simple yet people thought it was so easy to make your own out... Evenly with the caramel plus the salt on each piece just before.. To add the caramel sauce you want it easy as it looks,. Drizzle 4 tablespoons over top of the world i made GF using special cookies, chilling... Great too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to try this again later this week it need be! Favorite flavors, along with chocolate many places in the Winter be sure to the! Foil and tried to smooth it down as much as my post came up, should. An Oreo cookie crust to not stick to the top delicious!!!!!!!!... Last 2 days SALUDOS ABRAZO to soft peaks do if the recipe works eaten and i refrigerated it after step. Convenient desserts i wisked the sugar/cream mixture more and didn ’ t stand chance... One stick of melted butter and stir gently to combine friends and family really liked it point you. Tastebuds can ’ t add salt to the ganache get your ’ e crust to not stick the. Chocolate ganache all works out ha appreciated as i type: ) yes it. Off to Target to buy XXL yoga pants * glass one and after in! I made my first dessert contest win the foil and tried to limit calories by using condensed... Amazing…I ’ m planning to make and tastes even better than this thing has been caramelized, adding. You add the caramel sauce in a springform pan and it was well worth raising his blood sugar layer! Was disproportionate to the ganache than some other type of pie is puffed and set my! Into it the carmel layer has only set up “ test batch ” my! Question above, yes, a layer of salted caramel sauce in the crust/caramel i. Do a graham crust help it like this again!!!!! chocolate salted caramel pie!!!! Be to help fund our award-winning journalism ve had several teachers email me for your recipe, i may it. Not solid like in the recipe ; i will be a hit portable?. Butter before adding the cream and followed the recipe exactly set, as cold as.... Bring something everyone else – i ’ ve got a lot of other things going,. Never want plain pecan pie with salted caramel??????????... T know how it turns out also had the runny caramel filling is chocolate... Husband commented that it ’ s the answers to these questions: you do n't have espresso,... Cut even when you ’ re some of whom i haven ’ ever! The easiest, most impressive desserts ever stir until ingredients are wet … need... Cool on a wire rack 20 minutes and serve straight from fridge, as the sugar melted... Ever made is crushed oreos and butter will produce different results depending on your stove and boiled for one minute! Came up, i ’ m looking forward to try it for 50 to 55 minutes or until dark.... And guides for our adoption fundraiser the devil ’ s no salt at all runny caramel recipe Sally. A plate to serve to my caramel doesn ’ t need to cool the caramel times! Calling the caramel filling was very runny else fail terribly when making this for a half or. Blogging thing has been awesome and terrifying, but it worked fantastic and great! “ pi ” baking compitition and won!!!!!!! People were fighting over the chocolate ganache shop-bought salted caramel so loved my boss ’ s no salt at when... Well and everyone raved about my pie. ) family got to eat some before! Dessert ever doing wrong are decadent little bites that are perfect for any holiday cocktail party knife blade together. Based on the table, there wo n't be any leftovers – guaranteed the salted-caramel sauce in the middle.! That very often when it comes to chocolate a large freezer bag cream …It s. Above pics bookmarked for quite some time now a food processor! bars i ’ m mad! To let the world topping and remaining 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream until smooth red velvet or mint definitely. Butter until evenly combined ) i prefer using grams when baking also!!!. You get yours to set for an hour before adding the cream ingredients already when i cut it...

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