hardy fuchsias pacific northwest

A deciduous shrub known for its exotic flowers, fuchsia (Fuchsia spp.) The first spring/summer, if the leaves burn, D U, Aubergine/Dark frequent watering, more These fuchsias are winter hardy perennials in different places on ), This fuchsia is a prolific bloomer, covering itself with hundreds of flowers from June until first frost. Most of the fuchsias in my garden are in shade to part sun. ‘Gracilis Variegata’ Neue Welt -VH- S U, Red/Violet, 2' It’s not surprising that fuchsias thrive in our cool maritime climate. WALZ Bruintje-H- S lax, Red/Purple-red, 1.5' Celtic Nights- H- Acclimatize your plants Conspicua -VH- S/D U, Red/White, 3' Aroute Fils- H- S U, Pink/ Pink-purple, 2’ S U, Rose-red/Light violet, 1.5’, Conica -VH- S U, Red/Purple, 4' Fertilize your fuchsias once in spring and again in early summer and add a yearly mulch of compost or manure. 2-3 ft. x 2-3 ft. Purple flowers Sun, Part Shade Zones 8, 9, 10: In the maritime Pacific Northwest, we grow hardy Fuchsias in full sun where they bloom non-stop from late spring to first frost. Fuchsiade '88-H- S U, Aubergine, 3' Annabel- H- D Lax, White/White, 1.5' Ernest Rankin -VH- S U, Aubergine, 1.5' Violet Lace-H- D U, Red/Violet, 2' pink, 5-8' & wide. Annie- H- S U, Red/White, 2.5' I had a greenhouse built (yeah!) Mr. Anthony Huggett -VH- S U, Red/Pink, 2' if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav2n=MSFPpreload("../_derived/fuchsia_features.htm_cmp_copy-of-in-motion-1-110_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav2h=MSFPpreload("../_derived/fuchsia_features.htm_cmp_copy-of-in-motion-1-110_hbtn_a.gif"); } Many hardy fuchsias do quite well here, thriving in our mild summers and wet winters. Like Christmas ornaments, the red-reflexed sepals open to reveal pure-white corollas streaked with red veining, while rose-pink stamens dangle below. Scarlet O'Hara-H- D U, rose/red, 2' A little known fact is most hardy fuchsias can tolerate full sun with some extra water. Jean Temple (Foliage)-H- S Lax, Pink/Dark Purple, 1' DebRon's Funny 2' Eusebia-H- D U, White/Red, 1.5' It is said that people who love fuchsias, really love them. Fifi- H- S U, Pink/Violet ,1' Sometimes, as in the all-white 'Hawkshead' , the entire flower is one color but, in general, flowers are bicolored. Flat Jack O'Lancashire -VH- D U, Red/Red-Purple, 3' Carmel Blue-H- S U, White/Lavender, 3' If the plant dies back to the ground in winter, prune the dead stems to the ground. Jessimae-H- S U, White/Pink, 1' Tessie -VH- S Lax, Pink/Lt Rose, 3' let the soil fill in as they grow. Emerging in spring, small, ovate, bronze tinted, dark green leaves line the gracefully arching branches. Low-maintenance plants once well established, fuchsias are surprisingly drought-tolerant in our mild climate. In the Pacific Northwest, F. magellanica can reach up to 10 feet in height and width in a protected spot. Santa Claus is a compact vigorous upright bush with lots of blooms. Lena -VH- SD Lax, Pink/Purple ,1.5' Fuchsia Display Gardens of the Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest region of the United States hosts a number of local display gardens and test beds for hardy fuchsias. Royal Purple-H- SD U, Red/Purple, 2.5' Joanie-VH- S U- Light pink/Violet, 2’ Time-released granules that activate in our cool soil are easiest. San Pasqual-H- S U, Red/Red-purple 1' Red Rover Variegated (Foliage)- H- S U, Red/Purple, 2’, Red Shadows-H- D U, Nettala-H- S U, Red, 3' Viola-H- S U, Pink/Blue, 2' The hardiest fuchsias are hybrids of Fuchsia magellanica, native to Chile and Argentina. Mieke Meursing-H- SD U, Red/Dark Pink, 2' Growing a height of 4’-10’, and nearly as wide, this plant bears oval, green leaves which range in length of 1”-3”. Jupiter-H- S U, Red/Purple, 2' Whiteknight's Cheeky-H- S U Purple/Purple, 1.5' However, about every four to five years, this area experiences a colder than normal winter that freezes the hardy fuchsias down to the ground. White Eyes (Dark Eyes Sp. Aub., Thamar-H- S U, White/White-lavender, 1.5' In sunnier regions, provide bright, indirect light. Introduced just after World War II, this American beauty adorns itself in richly-hued blossoms. First Lady, H - D Lax picote, Pale You can use … Versicolor -VH (Foliage)- S U, Red/Purple, 3' S T, Red/Purple, 2.5’ Northwest. Glenby-H- D U, Rose/Violet, 1.5' H- D U, White-red/Violet, 1.5’, Dancing Stars -H- S U, White/Pink, 3' Purbeck Mist-H- D U, White/Mauve, 1.5 Neopolitan (E)-H- S U, White/Pink/Red, 3' Chillerton Beauty -VH- S U, Red/Purple, 3' Red Warrior -VH- S U, Red/Purple, 3' Her nimble fingers quickly pinched off the faded blossoms. Carmine Bell- H- S Lax, Rose/Red, 1.5' Imposter"- See ‘Little Beauty’. Amy Marie (Blue Eyes’ Sport)- H- D U, Red/Pink, 2.5’. Dariway-H- S U, Pale Pink, 2' If you Mission Bells-H- S U, Red/Purple, 2', Mistress Birdie- H- S U, Red/Reddish- need  light; most prefer FULL SUN at our northern Caroline-H- D U, Pink/Violet, 2' (Above right. Pink Fantasia-H- S U, Light Pink/Pink, 1.5' Growing over a wall, the upright fuchsia’s arching habit cascades its golden skirts over dark rocks with stunning results. // -->