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Only 59,000 were made during the war, making this surviving pistol a true gem. It has the distinction of being the first indigenous pistol adopted by the Japanese military, replacing the Smith & Wesson Model 3. Sorry for the number of images but one does not see these this often and in this condition. It was developed at the Koishikawa Arsenal and is named for its year of adoption in the Japanese dating system (the 26th year of the reign of the Meiji emperor, i.e., 1893). Original 9mm Japanese revolver ammo is extremely hard to come by and bring collector’s prices while generally not working all that well. Japanese Type 26 Revolver Officially designated the ‘26 Nen Shiki Kenju’ (or Pistol Pattern of the 26th Year of the Meiji Era), the Type 26 was introduced in 1893. Spirals on grips means rearsenaled plus other items. The Type 26 was the first modern revolver adopted by theImperial Japanese Army, and uses 9mm Japanese revolver cartridge. 1893 and redone ca. This type of revolver was made from 1893 through to 1914. Item Number HOL062. Made ca. Japanese Revolver 1893 Type 26 Description: Japanese Military double action revolver Type 26, caliber 9mm Japanese. Accession :2002-10-2 Revolver, Japanese, Type 26, Serial#19978. The type 26 was the first Japanese built service pistol to see service with the IJA. Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. Though it was replaced with an automatic pistol in 1925 it was nevertheless widely used during WWII. Français : Le revolver Type 26, de calibre 9 mm, fut le premier revolver moderne adopté par l’armée impériale japonaise en 1893. While they ended production in 1935 and were considered obsolete, they continued to see use through World War II and almost all of the … Handguns, relegated slightly to the back burner, were not forgotten and, in 1893, the emperor’s armorers unveiled an indigenous revolver—the Type 26, so … 1 Review 5 Holster. The Type 26 Revolver (Japanese: 二十六年式拳銃 / Nijuuroku-nen-shiki kenjuu) was the first modern revolver to be adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army. Some images on this forum are of a graphic nature and show the newly discovered remains of fallen soldiers who died in WW2. The revolver saw action in conflicts … It is shown here compared to a S&W .38 Special. I guess I'll see how much Stars&Stripes charges for 9mm Jap Revolver ammo, or just hold on to this as a "companion" to my Type 38 and 99. Extremely well made leather clamshell type holster as the Japanese used in WW2. Category:Type 26 revolver. It was Japan's first domestically-designed centerfire pistol.. History [edit | edit source]. If you are easily upset by images of war, again please do not proceed. Type 26 revolver has been listed as one of the Warfare good articles under the good article criteria. Jump to navigation Jump to search. In fact, these revolvers tended to live quite harsh lives, and the majority were arsenal refurbished at some point (some being refurbished more than once). The revolver uses 9MM rimmed cartridges. Japanese Type 26 Revolver Holster. If you can improve it further, please do so. It was unusual in being a double action only and it took a one-of-a-kind cartridge. This is a book or magazine about tanks/AFVs and/or military modeling. From 1894 it was issued the Imperial Japanese Cavalry and NCOs as well as being … Some Type 26s may have been produced prior to 1896 when the Tokyo Arsenal symbol was adopted, but, The revolver retains approximately 60% … Type 26 revolvers chambered the proprietary and rather anemic 9mm Rimmed Japanese revolver cartridge (above, left). Japanese Type 26 Revolver--Antique Description: The serial number is 382.Probably made in 1883. Japanese Type 26 Revolver Holster. The date of actual production inception at the Tokyo Arsenal is unknown. Japanese Revolvers: Type 26 Revolver, Nambu Model 60, Hinawa Revolver, Tanegashima Revolver, Baj?zutsu Revolver: Books, LLC, Books, LLC: Amazon.com.mx: Libros Another a huge attraction to collectors is the fact … Warning: If you are aged under 18 years please do not proceed. 1934. English: The Type 26 (or Model 26) "hammerless" revolver was the first modern pistol adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army. Earliest production models had no markings or serial numbers. The Type 26 or Model 26 'hammerless' revolver (二十六年式拳銃, Nijuuroku-nen-shiki kenjuu) was the first modern revolver adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army. The Type 26 or Model 26 "hammerless" revolver was the first modern revolver adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army. Tokyo Army Arsenal Type 26 Revolver 9mm Japanese - 16973406. In antique fine condition we have a Very Early Antique 1894 production (serial #5054) Tokyo Artillery Arsenal manufactured Type 26 Japanese Army Service Revolver that is made extremely desirable due to the fact that is has been rebuilt and reinspected at Nagoya Arsenal as evidenced by the cartouche on the left side of the frame.

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